30 gig patch on release day is an insult (to me)

How is this not a pre-downloaded thing or done BEFORE the reset?

Goddamn, could have at LEAST told us the size of the update and not just that it was server maintenance.


Press download. Touch grass. Profit??


stop living in a cave


:smiley: first time seeing game getting update?
daym i envy you beeing so young

no u r just living in the stoneage… there is no game except maybe minecraft that releases updates less than 10-15 gb…

Is this your first MMO?

An update of this size is pretty normal and standard.

do you feel insulted? good. take the steps up out of the basement, smell some air. maybe take a swim in a swamp or your neighbours pool or sth

Insulted over a video game, :laughing: :rofl: :joy:. So many weird people here.


How is it people don’t realize that the content is like an expansion which in turn is going to require …more space. As the content drops the size will increase if they haven’t added the other content hidden in the download. That’s how it works.

  1. a majority of people can download 28g in under an hour and thats on the high end of time taken. Its not the games job to cater toward your individualized internet situation.
  2. If you thought it was “just server maintenance” after theres a wall of text post about all of the updates today idk how much more clear they can be.

lol only took me 3 min to download, and with a good SSD and cpu, another minute to extract and install… ready to roll!!! thank you for update AGS and smilegate!!!

You’re being quite dramatic. You assume the patch was ready 1-2 days ago? The release date has always been May 19th. The size of the patch reflects the size of the update. You’re in the minority here. It’s not an insult, this is normal.

You guys are correct, i should just go outside for the day, so i will!

I knew it was patch day, but there was nothing indicating the size of the patch files anywhere, no option to pre download any files, which other mmo’s do, and sadly i live in an area where 5mbs download speed is considered “Lightning fast”.

I dont think its unreasonable to be a little frustrated when youve put in a considerable time investment into a product, but like i said, you guys are right, it will be done eventually and i will go enjoy my day beachwalking and finding pretty rocks while i wait :smiley:


30 GB is nice compared to some games with triple the update size… so i’m grateful that it isn’t triple the size for us.

I I dont think its unreasonable to be annoyed with a situation and to vent about it. But most people when talking about frustrations that are on their end will use sentences like “This sucks for me” not “30gig patch on release day is an insult.” One is individual. The other is generalized and usually implies that the fault lies on the subject of the complaint. Based on that it shouldn’t be surprising when people respond in an annoyed way.

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And most other games let you pre download said updates, not heres 1 hour do download 30g, not an issue for most, but for some of us thats an insane and unexpectedly large patch considering everyting else thus far has been sub 5gigs since launch.


ok that’s actually true.

hahaha mine downloaded in 5 mins im ready

What’s the problem? took me 5 min to download and waiting for the server to open.

At least its not a call of duty update… That said 20gb is pretty standard considering the patchbwe have.