30 gig patch on release day is an insult (to me)

Literally what absolis says.

Yeah its not everyones problem, but it is a problem for some people.

Ps, already found 2 hagstones and the beach is boiling today


So like with WoW, you get to predownload it before the actual hour before servers come up, so its there when you want to play.

This game is horrible at releasing patches in a timely manner. Last week was like 1.8gb, ya know to “get ready for this week” and this week is 28gb…

My ISP limits my downloads to 50Mbps, so it isn’t like instant verizon fiber shit that takes 30seconds to grab…takes me 10-15mins to download 30gbs…which means be nice to have grabbed this sooner so I can play as soon as the servers pop…ya know for a much anticipated patch.


Get better internet

Download took me 5 minutes.

without relocating or starting your own ISP, this just isnt a possiblity for some sadly


It’s a valid complaint. Enjoy your beach walk.

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Sure, come install some 50 miles of fiber for me, ill wait.

If better internet was available to alot of us, this wouldnt be an issue.


Exactly. I had 100Mbps fiber, moved and capped at 50Mpbs. I’m not going to tether my phone for 30gbs…so my option is to just wait it out…

What were you expecting with so much stuff coming?
A 1mb zip file being downloaded and that’s it?

Took me 5 minutos to download…

lmao the complain never ending

he’s has crap internet and he blame the patch weight? like wtf.

Took 3min here, see you tomorrow

Insult is that people will always vote for governments that endlessly talk about immigration, abortions, LGBT, freedom of speech and other “hot topics” while in the decades of being in power they NEVER changed anything - over voting for anyone who offer “only” building hospitals, roads … or maybe better Internet infrastructure to fuck over monopolies. People think big, that’s why they get nothing

What’s the issue? It took me a few mins to download it, not a big deal

To be honest, all good gaming companies allow pre-downloads to avoid long downloads on the patch day…


Usualy you prepatch games before launch, or patch when servers are down. This patch overwrites a lot of stuff so i cant be prepatched while game is live. Yeah it would make sense to prepatch it as soon as severs went down, but i think they just wanted to make sure everything is ok, before alowing to download patch.


come on man it’s only 30gb

Here’s what I do. I get home and start the download, then do literally anything else until the download completes. See how that works? Follow me for more life advice.

So true :joy:
Like the patch note is as long as a book!

Really can’t understand people. They complain due to doing the same contents over and over but then we a new update is being released with a bunch of new activities they complain because it is too big.

The Lost ark forum community is for sure the most toxic :joy:

posts like these make me physically cringe, the world does not revolve around you buddy. Obviously they have their reasons for not pre-downloading patches. How terrible of them to make you wait a measly 15 mins /s

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That’s your problem.

Steam is perfectly handling the load.