30 min - 2 hr queue UNA

Hey all,

Any casual forum drifter has seen a queue post, usually containing a request for “compensation” or some form of “fix”, I work a third shift position and have family to look after, basically I am on limited time on a daily basis. I normally have just about enough time to do my daily night fox, chaos dungys, and if I have time in the day possibly make it to an adventure island. But, all of those are only capable of being done RIGHT AFTER I come home to work, AND RUSH to my computer, wait for it to awfully load and then PRAY I beat the queue. It normally begins around 7-8am and stays built up throughout the day.

Now if I missed my chance to grind in the morning, then I’m pretty much screwed altogether as theres a house that needs attended to, kid to feed an help with homework (thankful its almost summer) . After that is all said an done, I MAY HAVE 2 HRS AT MOST to play before I have to work, during the night? queue is at its worst, varying from 1hr minimum to 2hrs+. There is no point in attempting to log in anymore essentially as I am already behind my guild members and this is putting me even further back,

For those of you who rode this out, I nod my head an acknowledge your resilience to the que boss. However, I think I take a step back an find another game to grind for a little while. Take care everyone. -Dopey