300 hrs of gunslinger pvp (video)

ty for watching

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Well, I really like the idea of giving one class endless mobility, endless stagger AND endless superarmor (seems to be atleast superarmor 2 if not 3) as well. Also it’s great concept to combine this all 3 things in 1 ability kappa. Thumbs up for the design.

Anyways good video :+1:

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I haven’t watched and no need, let me guess.

Super armor, super armor, super armor, cc chain burst, run away.

Joke class, joke game, population and leaderboards show it.

Make premade teams and then balance, voila, you now have a non shit game people will play.


I dont know what I am talking about but I will complain.

Anyways good comment :+1:


Lmao gs relies on mostly t1 super armor and inflicting t1 stagger to opponents to setup damage

If they have paralysis immunity on anything you’re screwed

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Other people make it work
Maybe it’s just not for you :woman_shrugging:

fax doe

Imagine complaining about Gunslinger. If you lost to a Gunslinger it’s because you got out skilled.

Gunslinger is an outplay class. It gives you the ability to outplay you your opponents with skill. It isn’t like 90% of the classes in this game where face rolling your keyboard is actually an effective strategy.


If gunslingers were an outplay class they wouldn’t need 4 super armors when they already have hyper mobility. But you know. lets just pretend they are balanced

It’s superarmors are it’s mobility tho
2 mobile skills that do almost no damage and inflict at best hard stagger w push immune
1 push immune w long cooldown and long animation lock

Other two mobility skills that inflict stagger but are only paralysis immune

It doesn’t matchup well against a lot of classes either

All martial artist inflict knock up or push with their engages

So gunslinger can’t even challenge them consistently unless timings are perfect

GS is a lot easier to play bad than good with

This is not the best game for pvp everyone knows it is not an equal fight it is better to play Battle Royale

99% of playerbase have net yet evolved past SUPER ARMOR = OP.
They dont consider things like CC, speed, cooldowns, AOE.
To them Knockdown immune stagger is as strong as knockdown immune knockdown.
cuz superarmor = superarmor.
and as we all know if GS has 4 super armors and your class has 3 you AUTOMATICALLY LOSE for sure for sure.


3 hrs of gunlancer pvp Death from above - YouTube

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