3000 hours playing suddenly my PC can't run the game?

i played lost Ark since release the game was working fine never got
crash and freeze every 10 mins like now I asked Support for help
its been 14 days the last thing they said try the game on another PC
to see if its Freeze or crash i did try it on another pc the game didn’t crash For 2 Hours
when i try it on my PC again it crash and Some Times Get A blue Screen
I was playing the game on the highest graphics Since the game release
And Now u are saying that MY PC Cant Run the Game FOR REAL !


And By The Way The Game At 3 AM Can Run 5 Hours Then Crash How My Pc Cant Run The Game If it can Work Up to 5 hours !!!

After the last patch, i have been experiencing Lag in Chaos dungeons with some characters like Arcanist that before the patch had no issues at all. I even lowered settings and still lags (was with highest settings before). Not sure if this is connected to your issue

i am Sure Its From the game or Maybe steam cuz its lost ark and paragon both from steam do the same Issue But other games non steam Work Fine with no problem

Now that you mentioned this - decided to test clearing the download cache from the steam, and seems like this fixed my lag issues.

from the steam:
top menu Steam - > settings → downloads → Clear Download Cache

i tried that before and the game stopped crashing after 10 mins but crash from time to time
but I did Install new Windows :slight_smile: + i did reinstall Steam and the game before too
but i will clear download cache again at least i can play a couple hours