300k bot online again what u waiting for ags?

1 years after same problem , You didn’t do anything for 1 year, it’s obvious why you lost players and gained bots.


But Bots are fine cuz they keep the numbers High while real players get DCs Left and Right :smiley:

they are waiting for the steam charts to be finalized

we missing 500k extra from launch so we just keep waiting until we hit that

Yes - The new antibot measures working great with even more new accounts created through steam to have 300K+ bots ready for the next ban. And botters buying stuff on steam with stolen credit cards to get the trusted status.

Who cares about actual real player experience as long as Amason is making money? :wink:

If you remove the bots and RMTs, both the same garbage, cause and effect, there are only a few thousand players left. I would not like to imagine those who have spent thousands of dollars when thousands of players have earned millions of gold by paying a handful of cents, a few dollars.
The issue of bots should already be more than obvious after almost a year as what it is, a totally consensual thing.

It’s aN oNgOIng BaTTle - @Roxx

rmt & bots appear in shitty p2w games and LA is peak garbage design.

AGS is busy banning and taking action against legitimate players.

“We are carefully monitoring the shituation”

Maybe AGS sees you guys as bots in the forums haha

They are waiting for that 1 year anniversary 2m concurrent players kotaku article

of course with 1.8m bots