31 day guild join suspension is extreme

TLDR: A 31 day punishment while looking for a good guild feels disproportionately excessive.

Hello, I’m a new player.

I was prompted by the game very early on to join a guild, and naively joined the first one that accepted me on the guild finder. I found I didn’t mesh well with these strangers, who I couldn’t even whisper before being accepted, so I /gquit and received a few minute suspension from joining another guild.

My suspension was lifted and I was back on the guild finder. The next three occasions I discovered that joining automatic-invite guilds didn’t provide any meaningful interactions as everyone was just joining because the prompt told them to, not because they were looking for community or questing buddies.

These three /gquits netted me (if I remember correctly) a 30 minute suspension, an hour suspension, then a 24 hour suspension.

During this 24 hour period I assumed my next suspension would be 48 hours, but that I didn’t want to keep bouncing from one place to another looking for a home, so I went to the official discord to find a proper guild.

I found one that was advertising that they were a social and active guild looking for like minded people to socialize with and have a good time. So I sent my request, got my invite, and discovered… that across about 18 hours of play time over a couple days, with 4-6 concurrent guildmates on, and many attempts to strike conversation in the group- I got a response from a single player on two occasions.

This guild had clearly falsely advertised, so I /gquit.

Strike 5, 31 days I have to wait before I can join another guild. This is silly.

So I want to mention a couple things about this that are very frustrating:

I’ve put considerable time into WoW, SWTOR, and ESO. I’ve never been punished for trying to find a right fit for me with a guild (and I’ve always eventually found a right fit and gone on to do great things with them).

There’s some sort of guild mission system that I don’t really understand that maybe the game is trying to protect from exploitation here, but I don’t think anybody new knows what that is and isn’t concerned about doing anything other than checking the box the game is very insistent gets checked as they’re starting off.

The first 50 levels felt overwhelming with systems, and upon reaching level 50, it felt like about a half ton more were dropped on me. Specifically I was trying to find people who could either be mentors or learn the game along with me, but what I found was mostly people keeping to themselves (most likely because they too felt overwhelmed by all the systems).

Basically what this comes down to is that if there is a practical reason for limiting how often you can change a guild, I can understand that. A day suspension really didn’t feel terrible, despite being mildly annoying. But all I want is to find a guild where I fit in and get along and… if you can believe this, interact with my guild mates in a meaningful way. And now I have to wait a month to try to do that.

Every other MMO I’ve played couldn’t have cared less if I came or went while searching for a group that fit. I don’t understand why I’m being punished so severely, jumping from 24 hours to 31 days, just for leaving guilds that might as well have been dead.


Stop guild bouncing! :slight_smile: just look for guild ads or look here in the forums. Its a justified punishment for guild bouncing.


Justified how? Why is this the only game that cares?


I actually think he has a legitimate reason.


i read somewhere that its there to prevent people from “farming” rewards on multiple guilds for “infinite” resources.
(guild quests, blood shards etc.)

I didnt read your whole post but if you switch guild 5 times in a week then you definetly deserver a cooldown


Well the CD’s are there to prevent people from abusing some guild stuff.


most mmo’s have like a 24h cd on guild join/leave.
i think this is a reasonable time for everyone and will avoid the " infinite resource" exploit with guild.

Guild hoppers are never loved mate. Sorry about your experience but I’d hate to have more people like you just randomly joining and leaving


I don’t mind the cooldown. I mind the jump from 24 hours to 31 days.

Luckily I won’t be joining your guild. Imagine the audacity I must have for leaving silent guilds where nobody interacts with each other. I truly am a pox on this mmo landscape for wanting any human interaction from a guild.


I assume his point wasn’t a cooldown in general. But 31 days is a bit much.


i had the same joining at the start 2 guilds where no person write in chat or leaving server and i was alone … i did becvome a 16day guild join hammer (6days left) … so stupid the system

The cooldown is to prevent people from jumping guild and farming donations.

You can’t participate in the guild’s main activities right after joining but you can donate silver/gold right away, which rewards Bloodstones. Those bloodstones can be used to buy cube ticket, resources, etc.

I believe you when you said that wasn’t your purpose, but as soon as they remove this limitation, there will be people to abuse it…


Guilds are community. Talk with them (discord or any platform), decide and join. MMOs and guilds not for antisoc loners.

Well, typically guilds in mmos are something about players sticking together, not just randomly joining guilds and leaving. That’s fully on you, since you’re the one who joins in the first place, without doing any checks beforehand.

Once again, I’m sorry for your experience, and I do believe 31 days is excessive.

But I am of the conviction that guild hopper is just a way of being, and even if you had a 2 day ban instead, you’d still be in another guild by suday.

You probably won’t miss being in a guild and since you’re so quick to leave, you probably don’t even need one

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this melts my brain … how to find a good guild when u only see the ad? i mean if u read the ad an think to your self " uhhh that sounds nice lets join them" and halfway though the day u realize most of your new guild “mates” are toxic or dont know how the game works even a little bit? if so teach me how u do that.

btw im fine with the 24h suspension.

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Joined a guild at the beginning, stayed 10 days. I left when the guild leader was offline for 6 days, and there was only 3 people left. I have a 8 days penalty. It was my first guild.

What about that? and btw I feel you… Iam 42, and to find a guild with actual good people, with a nice behavior, is absolutely nuts.

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Maybe I would, and maybe I wouldn’t. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if it lead to finding the proper guild.

I’ll use my WoW experience as an example. I was invited into a dead guild that only had one active player. So I left. My next guild I was with for a few weeks. This guild was lead by a husband wife duo who master looted for their alts first and other raiders second. I left. The next guild had weekly gold contributions with a subsequent raffle. 40+ players in the raffle, yet the same 3 officers, all irl friends of the guild leader, won every week. So I left.

There are a lot of things you can’t know about a guild without being in it first.

Then I found my current guild, that didn’t have any shenanigans or malicious actors. I’ve been with them for 5 years and I’ve been on the progression raid team at various points.

You don’t stay with an abusive boyfriend just because it makes you look disloyal.

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Game has guild-bouncing protection by auto-setting new member status and not giving rewards.
No need for more. But as far as penalties for leaving go, I have seen people to receive randomly 1/3/7 days after 1st leave.

Or maybe there is system, maybe based on level or something else. But it at least needs clarification.

i agree with your oppinion a guild should be a place you want to belong to, and you should be able to choose the place without getting punished for not finding the right place.
i can see why they put a cooldown at all because of the resources but if they make the cooldown 24 hours instead of incremental it should not matter for the resources since you can donate every 24 hours to get resources in a guild.

my first guild was a dead guild as well sadly and i changed luckily my cooldown was only 30min for the first leave

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31 days seems excessive.

The Lost Ark server communities are a work-in-progress, and it will take some time for people to figure out where they belong.