320 gold for try a upgrade for the weapon and 170 for armor

I don’t count the fusion material, but this time i have far more material than gold, i am blocked by the gold cost.


Dont hone. Make gold. Tap when you have gold again.


big timegate then

Play alts to funnel gold to main. There’s more than enough sources. Never had gold issues.


More alt, mean more game time, its not easy.


Less game time means less progress. Just like less working hours leads to less salary. It is that easy.


Why are you preaching this guy to be slavery of work? Work smart and play smart


There is no entitlement. Either you put in the effort or you swipe. Most MMOs require grind. Play something casual?


Timegating everything in this game is their way to try make you swipe


the initial setup of alts is the only time consuming thing lol not to mention you don’t have to play them every single day.

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to be honest, i’ve never seen a game with more people not understanding how grind games work. Everyone want’s everything now. No, timegating is how MMO’s work. Get over it or play something else.


Not actually my first grind game and usually in grind game the timegated content gives you items that are even worth your time


No different than other games 1 raid per week for a 1% chance to get the piece you want…

Timegating is a core MMO mechanic…


Alts only require time up to a certain level(t3 1340/1370). then you can do rested daillys. Sell g Leaps for easy gold. Weeklys for consistent income. Alts is the safest progression route for f2p. Not sure why people see this is a hindrance. Alts will help your overall progression more than collecting seeds and doing other collectibles.


People just want free gear … and then what, let’s say u do max all your gear to do Valtan so what you will still be farming as usual.

It’s the FOMO that gets you just relax and play at your own pace.


no I want max gear and then 1 shot KO Valtan, and sell drops for 3m gold and then resell the gold to buy my new G63 class

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Yeah its insane, after 1370 the game CLEARLY does not have enough content to make gold


Not really.

Not my fault you don’t want to believe it just because it is not instant +30k gold to your account. I’ve made more than enough comments explaining the gold situation and even made a topic myself. Feel free to go give them a look, or keep thinking I’m wrong if that makes you happy.

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I just saw my weapon is costing 550 per tap O.o ouch! My armor is 2 lvls back at about 250 per tap. Just failed all 10 attempts :joy: rip my gold income for the next few days. I mean tbh i dont think we need to hone past where it gets this prohibitive just yet. We can complain when content is out and we dont have gold to get us to it buuut we aren’t there yet i dont think.