3:30 AM PT, 10K+ queue, srsly?

Nothing to say. Please take this issue seriously, players are quitting.


I’ve been in queue almost two hours, and I’m going to miss the last chaos gate before reset because of it. I’m pretty upset. No one should have to wait two hours to play a game. I feel bad for the people who literally just can’t wait.


You just reached the Australian Queue, OCE connects to valtan as their primary server. it’s their peak hours

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3:30am Pacific … Are you from the future?

Care to share the winning lotto numbers while you’re at it, Future Boy?

(It was 1:30am Pacific when you posted that.)

Wrong. There’s been a queue all day. I had a 10k queue when it was morning time for OCE.


I didn’t say it wasn’t happening all day, I said this is Australia peak hours. its 6:56pm there.

You implied it saying he hit a queue because it was peak OCE hours. There’s been a queue all day. Valtan all hours are ‘peak hours’ because it’s so flooded with people and of course, a large amount of bots that never log off which make the queue take forever.

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OP Just posted the message 23 minutes ago, Hence he just hit the Aussie peak hour queue. I wrote a reply regarding OP 23 minute old message. Nothing related to him being in Queue ALL day, just what was happening at this moment.

There is no data to suggest that players are quitting. The only areas you hear instances of it occurring are the forums which appear to be people who post often, regularly and are loud.

I hate queues as much as you do, but let’s refrain from unproven statements which are open to speculation and heresay.

These bots will be addressed, I’m confident the teams are hard at work discussing this issue as top priority, especially since some of them are at SGR HQ right now.

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You can try to argue your way out of it all you want, but your post was 100% pointless as there’s been a queue all day. It’s mostly related to bots, so you were wrong. You’re not going to convince me you’re right.

whatever, please do something, amz or ags, plz


Whether or not people have quit yet, it’s common sense to think a lot of people will if nothing is done about the queue situation. You don’t need any data to figure that out.

Even in Rohendel there’s a queue. I thought this issue is already solved. Sigh almost reset and im going to miss those runs… so sad

6k queue on enviska… this is so annoying…

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LOL argue my way out for commenting on a post, dude get a grip on yourself.

Will AGS/AMZ planning to put up OCE servers?

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Yes :

They’ve posted before they have no plans on making an OCE server, and even if they did, they also have zero plans for server transfers. So that means the people here, wouldn’t leave to start over somewhere else even if they did.

Oh well… back to queueing once again… hours of waiting here we come

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1:30 AM PT. confused by my local time