3.31 maintenance

So not sure how true is this. However people on the area chat has been saying since today’s maintenance you could dupe crystals. How do they always manage to do something like this

They bring servers down for duping pretty fast… and have 2 times now in the previous months…

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Yea, SGR has made some weird mistakes in these NA/EU patches

People will say that you can dupe a thing all the time, just to troll gullible idiots

hmm, if this is true why would they talk about it so openly?

Not saying it’s not true but chat is typically full of trolls. Best to just tag someone in the hopes they investigate it regardless. If there is a crystal dupe that is massively bad.

NVM it seems to be true because servers are coming down lol

I’m so tilted because you know there is some people who took major advantage of this and will devalue crystals. I want to see a buff to the shop at some point and we won’t ever see one if there are dupes every other patch.

Luckily, they seem to be taking these things very seriously so I’m hopeful not too much damage was done.

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Oh no. I was going to make a joke before servers went down, “I bet there was a new dupe”. :rofl:

Lmao how is it possible to have a second new world. Pure insanity.

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this game has many client side things making duping extremely easy so if someone says they can dupe something in this game then 100% chance you can dupe something in this game… just like new world.

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All jokes aside the real reason it’s down is because the crystal shop is broken and people can’t purchase.


Everyone in this thread shouldn’t be so naive to believe everything someone spews at you.

There have been multiple threads about not being able to claim/buy crystals hence why they restart the server

I just got home from work…

Never seen so many naive people in 1 thread.

Person A says something, everyone says OOOOOO WOW HOW BAD

Meanwhile if u search on the forum u could’ve seen that the problem was not being able to claim the crystals u bought.

Roxx talked about it yesterday, the maintenance today is for the EAC performance issues.

We have a fix for this that should be timed fairly close to the patch, but we want to widely verify on live servers before we completely mark it as solved

if the duping is true… lets be THANKFULL they are handling it instantly.
look at new world… that was a mess.
i am glad they are taking instant action.

btw,the tamper system “Easy Cheat” works wonders xD