3/3/3 without legendary book possible?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know at T3, If it’s at all possible to get 3/3/3 without having any legendary engraving at max ?

I don’t yet have any legendary engraving book at max. I’m at 1380 with mix Argos p1 and abyss hard accessories. Been playing AH a bit not spending 10s of thousands of gold I can’t seem to add up 3/3/3 with only epic max engravings.

Any input ?

3/3/3 stone will be your biggest cost sink it’s very cheap as long as you play a popular enough class



@Yukisuke posted this a bit ago, you can plan out your Jewelry to see what is possible without books.

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It’s easy to get 3 x 3 engravings with legendary accessories :

  • Stone 6/6 + double engraving 9/9 from books = already 2 engravings
  • 5 acc with +3 on your class engraving and hop you’re 3x3

Yes 3/3/3/3 is also possible without legendary books.

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Yes it’s possible. I run epic books and I have 3,3,3,3 on my sorc. 2x9 in book slot, 6/6 stone and 5x +3/3 Argos accs

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Very possible if you get accessories with + of your class and +2 of another you use. I hit 3/3/3 without buying anything off of the AH and just getting lucky really.

Yes you can get 3/3/3/3 with just purple engraving books.

You can get 3/3 with just 6/6 ability stone and purple engravings. Then you get 3/3 on all 5 jewlery, and boom 3/3/3/3. Let me find the video

Edit Effectively & Cheaply Gear Yourself to 4x3 Engravings In Lost Ark - YouTube

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You people who say no… Where do you people learn math? It’s possible to get 3/3/3 without legendary engravings, yes.

Use +9 purple engraving on both gear slots. Maxes out one with a couple extra.

Get 5/5 ability stone with both other engravings you want. (both lvl 1)

Get all accessories with +2 on each of the 2 lvl 1 engravings. (10 pts total)

How about that? 3 lvl 3 engravings… Math.

I think my problem might be with the stone. Does the engravings slot gets occupied by class engravings or both engravings slot should be non-class engravings ?

If you want to run a class engraving, then that should be epic book learned and equipped to both gear slots. Then use the accessories/stone for non class engravings.

Im at 3/3/3/1 with 2 Epic engravings equipped, a decent stone and 1 blue acc. So yes it is possible.

yes - you need a +9 stone (+6/+3), 2 purple NOT-class engravings (+9 each, matching the ability stone); you get +15 class engraving from jewelry (easy since this drops from Argos, making it cheap with crap off engraving), and relatively cheap - you only need 1 specific piece of +3 class/+3 the second ability stone engraving, and you have 3/3/3/X where X is whatever not-meta engraving you get from the 4 remaining ewelry pieces.

Anyone confused just take like 3-5 min to watch the video I linked lol. Pretty straight forward simple explanation

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If you are in t3, just buy relic ( red) t2 ability stone. It is easier to get 6/6 (max 9/9) on the stone. You lose some hp, but is not a big deal this early in game.

For people who say you should use class engravings in slot, BIG NO. Actually accs with class + non class are cheaper and easier to get and usually have better quality because they come mostly from raids than accs which have non class + non class. In t3 quality plays a very good role.

In order to hit 3/3/3, you need 45 total engraving points.

You need:
18 points from 2x purple engraving slot.
10 points from ability stone.
17 points from accessories.

Which is very easy to achieve and not even going to cost you over 5k gold for accessories.

For most of accessories, you can select something like +3 grudge and +3 any trash engraving that usually cost you 20g to 100g and you still can have a correct stat such as crit/swiftness/specialization.

OK OFF to fix my build… I don’t have whole lot of gold to spare right now but wish me luck…

I have 3/3/3/1/1 without legendary books.

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