360 T5 Guardian kills and still no Epic Galewind

This doesn’t seem right at all considering it’s not even a legendary. That’s around 25-30 hours playtime and it still hasn’t dropped.

Has anyone else experienced this?



I think you misunderstand what RNG means.

I got mine yesterday after < 30 runs so it does drop. I think I got it because I pitied 5 out of last 8 hones including 4 straight. RNG is RNG…

I don’t have nearly as many kills as you, but same boat.

Good answer, very engaging and helpful.

To an extent. Sometimes things are legitimately broken as well. Hard to tell without knowing what the drop rate is supposed to be though.

Misread the OP. Thought it was for the legendary galewind which is what I got yesterday. But agreed. We don’t know the drop rate but just keep trying, you’ll get it eventually. Good luck!