365 Days Perfect Attendance won't count properly


When this trophee got released I didn’t got it, and I supposed maybe because of a maintenance day on EUC I had one day without logged ? But it seemed weird cause I logged everyday even during my travel hollyday to do stronghold and login reward.

Now I looked again and I see it say “21/365” and i’m certain I never missed a day recently, no maintenance issue or other.

Why I still didn’t get the trophee ?


Where do u see this

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Hi there. I’ll see if I can get some additional information on this for you.

same problem for me…

see german support section 365 Days Login Title (inexplicable reset) II

or in OP (english) here: 365 Days Login Title (inexplicable reset)

my counter is on 22/365 now… probably the same day that caused the error…

CS take care of it now…

I played more than a year everyday on that game and i’m at 22/365 now, it’s really sad and infuriating

Thanks for letting me know.

Any update on this please ? Still waiting for my Trophee^^ 400 day trophee soon !

None at this time.

known bug… It’s being worked on