365 Login Trophy Bug

Good morning,

After watching my progress disappear randomly I have noticed that my achievement for the 365 day login has continuously reset. I have logged in every since day since august and I am not entirely sure why it reset me to 8…? I believe this is a bug / I think maybe the issue is that I go afk and don’t necessarily log out? But I was logged in every single day… just a weird bug anyone else have that issue?


:/. No response

Hi there! What is your character name and server name?


Mari NA

That trophy is bugged, they botched something as usual. My friend and i we were playing everyday when the game launched and never missed a single day. Somehow when the patch dropped for these trophie, the game said we had around 1 month of non-played days over the past year xD. Even now the counter has gone up more and i still play everyday, login, do my dailies and fool around, do lifekills and other stuff, chatting with people, same as i did when i started on the 8th of February 2022.

Thanks for letting me know. The team is working on this.

Any update

Not at this time.

Awaiting my trophy plz :confused:

@Verse, prob. found the bug some days ago, seems like ags / sg still can’t fix it even tho its clear what the bug is, but whatever :smiley:

Here accordingly a post in the “new” forum:

The team is checking into this.