3d Aura gone after the "Shopdowntime"

Hello, today after the patch was rolled out, i was able to connect to the shop again. So first - thanks for this fix.

Sadly i activated the 3d aura at the 13.02. . I was only able to use the aura at the 13.02. after this date the shop was bugged like we all know. Today my aura was gone i think because the system recognized “Hey 3d are over” So what is the solution for this stuff?

Is it “gone” or is there anything in progress? I mean if this is just “gone” i will wait another 3 weeks before i activate my 30d aura :stuck_out_tongue:

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Another day - no aura… this time my 5d aura getting hit by shopissues… let’s see how long it takes to fix it maybe i can use my aura more than 1 day

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Well after the downtime from Sun/Mon all worked fine until now… Aura is gone again…

#Funfact my 5d Aura i activated at the 19.03. will be gone sometimes on 22.03. … The system cant count i guess?