3rd Attempt:. Will Developers Ever Actually Acknowledge and Address the Issue With Stutter/Hitching in Lost Ark?

Third day of trying to get an answer from AGS on this. We are directed to the forum to report issues like this so it’s my only hope but my post just gets buried in the forum.

I have been patiently waiting for a fix to the stuttering issues I’m having in this game. The problem is, now that I’m grinding away at end game content, it’s to the point that I don’t even want to play. At all. I experience constant stuttering and frame drops.

My system is pretty solid and I don’t have issues in any other game including high-end and demanding titles that just eat up system resources. Running an RTX 3070, 3600xt, and 16 GB of RAM and a solid, high-speed fiber connection for Internet. Tried all the suggestions I can find online, including:

Power settings to high performance.
Updating drivers.
Running the game only.
Completely disconnected my second monitor to eliminate the theory of 2 different refresh rates causing the issue.
Disabled all area and loot chat and even all chat.
Tried every possible combination of border less, full screen, Vsync on or off, Gsync on or off. Every combination of capping refresh rates and FPS that made sense such as 144 for both and even 60 for both. Tried all of this with every possible combination of the Vsync and Gsync on/off as well. Cleared all of my shader caches and verified Steam files.

Low and behold the experience is still completely ruining my chance of having any fun in with this game. I enter dungeons and stutter around while everyone else is getting their damage in. PVP is really a matter of hoping I don’t stutter while engaging and I usually recover from the stutter to see I’m already stunned or in the air getting a combo smack-down put on me. If the developers will not acknowledge and show some real effort in addressing this issue which A LOT of others are having as well, I can’t keep playing this game. As much as I want to.

I finally decide to post this here after seeing no mention of a fix for this in the latest patch notes. It’s surprising considering how many post I find online with others having the same issue with high end PC builds. It’s clearly the game or servers causing the issue.


Well, good luck finding the problem. Every system is different and more than often the problem sits behind the keyboard. Check all your background programms and turn everything off that you dont need and uninstall everything that you dont need. Or try a fresh windows install.
There could also be a problem with windows 11, so maybe go back to windows 10.

Yeah, more than likely user error. I can run the game perfectly with next to no issues on an RX570 with a R5 2600, even with dual monitors at 1440p. Been playing on this system since day 1 of pre-launch without a single problem. It’s not the game, lol.

seems like a user specific issue, never had any stuttering issue or anything described in this post

Thanks for the input but, if you actually read and (this part is important) UNDERSTOOD my post, you’d know that I’ve already considered and tested the background programs running theory. “Uninstalling” everything I don’t need is just silly. Seriously. You’ve also made an incorrect assumption that I’m running Win11. Love the immature and played out “…behind the keyboard” cheap shot though. Just trying to get support’s input here. Not the input of someone just looking to be snarky.

I’m glad you’re not having the issue. Many others on high end systems are and only in Lost Ark. That says a lot. You’re likely not on the same server or region and not dealing with the same potential compatibility issues others are. Doesn’t mean its “user error”. That’s just something trolls say to take cheap shots since they have nothing helpful to contribute.

I assumed you tried, but what graphic settings are you using in-game?

I have the same GPU as you but with a 12700k and 32gigs of ram and i have 0 stutters. everything on low/off except char detail
borderless 1440p

Also, wich power scheme are you using?

Sorry, can’t edit my post so i’ll write a new one.
Adding that i also played this on my old computer that was a 4790k gtx980 16gb old ram sticks with 0 stutters.

if you don’t run “ultimate” powerplan I suggest you prompt to cmd or powershell as admin and write:
powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61

Later go into your power plan settings and switch to the correct power plan.

Many new posts here, but this system is limiting me to do 9 edits every day basically.

I assume that you also run the game on an SSD?

Had you said “System Specific” you’d have nailed it. I know not everyone has the issue but just Google “Stuttering Lost Ark” and you’ll find that this issue is widespread for MANY users with very high-end systems and ONLY in Lost Ark.

There is something wrong with the way Lost Ark plays with some systems or hardware and all I want is for an actual support rep to respond with more than a canned answer telling me to check/ modify configs that every gamer on planet earth already knows about.

I’m glad you don’t have the issue. I like this game and just want to enjoy it without the issues. You’re talking to someone who put up with Cyberpunk at launch as well as New World. Enjoyed both quite a bit. I can deal with bugs n less than ideal releases. Just a bummer to deal with an issue not being addressed that so many others, but not all, are having. Like my original post says I’ve been waiting patiently til now, lol.

tag a CM in this thread so they can get a notification and check it out!

Wow, okay. There’s a website to make support tickets. Good luck.

Btw you are posting in game feedback, and not in game support, should make it easier for you mister wise man :slight_smile:

wrong forum category, go to tech support, i can tell you its most likely a convination of your hardware tho, for most of us the game runs smoothly, sad that this was your experience but its not the game fault (its really unlikely they can do anything for you since the problem is most likely on your side not theirs)

Ok, I’ll try that. Thx.

Doh! :man_facepalming:

Now both forum sections shall feel the wrath of my frustration. Thx.