3rd ban in 3 days

so i believe i was mass reported at some point 2 weeks ago my account got perma banned after about 5 days of ban appeals and submitting evidance and what not they finally over turned my perma ban. i login i play for about 2 hours and then get kicked from the game with this message
your account access has been restricted due to violation of our code of conduct. if you believe you have received this penalty in error. you may appeal.

i then proceed to log back in and get this.


notice how it says 3 day suspension but its over in 24 hours??? i submit another ban appeal no response from the mod team. well 24 hours later i login again play for about 2 hours or so and BAM! i get kicked out again with the same message as before. and guess what


you guessed it another 3 day suspension but look at that its over again in 24 hours from when it happened. so i submit another ban appeal with screen shots and hope someone will get back to me because this is starting to suck im losing alot of time in game and cant grind to prepare for the new content. well i log in again after this ban period is over and can you guess what happened??? ill give you a clue.

cant post this link because im limited to only 2 as a new user but it will be in the replys

now would you look at that another 3 day ban that ends in 24 hours and this is the 3rd time in 3 days that i have been banned after having my perma ban lifted i think my account is still flagged or they forgot to remove a restriction somewhere, and they have a script or something that run to look for said flags and it sees it and then boom bans me.

it has to be the automated system and im pretty sure someone somewhere when they lifted my original ban for got to remove a restriction or something because this is not normal getting banned that many times in a short span would surely trigger the perma ban again but here i am still loggging in every day only to get banned for another 24 hours i really need some assistance because the customer service chat ahs been less the steller at being able to assist me and the moderation team has not responded to any of the ban appeals for each new ban that happens.

even with all the screen shots so i ahve come here to the fourms in hope that maybe just maybe someone will see this and know how to proceed because at this point im stuck in a vicious cycle that cannot be broken without the mod team who for some reason or another (and i think its because they see the appeal of the ban and the ban already being gone) maybe just close out the tickets im not sure but i really need help my account is basically still perma banned at this point or more like im in prison and i get yard time for a couple hours a day and then bam back in the slammer.

i honestly dont know what the perma ban was for i can only assume like i said before that i was maybe mass reported or something along those lines like when you get pmed by a bot and then that bot gets reported and then the reports also get you with it i have seen that before here on the forums but they did over turn that but now im stuck please send help! i want to get ready for valtan but this is making it impossible.


i wasnt sure where to post this as i also posted in the game support thread as well sorry for double post.



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better you shoudnt do RTM


Someone help this man.

Customer service for account related issues is absolutely horrible, the staff always have very poor english language skills and frequently appear to have very little knowledge about the game at all.

I’ve seen countless, and personally experienced several interactions with customer support where they literally had no idea what I was talking about when referencing simple game systems and received canned support responses that didnt apply to what we were discussing.


i didnt do RMT and and this is happening everyday i login if they over turn the perma ban then clearly they looked at and reviewed my account so that wouldnt be the case and i buy gold directly from the amazon shop in game i have no problem swiping. and if it was a repeat offender they wouldnt just keep giving me a 3 day suspension that only last 24 hours, something is clearly wrong here

thank you for the kind words i am beyond frustrated at this point i just want to play my game


I wouldnt bother dignifying.

thats because a LA customer servide doesnt exist. its only AGS customer sirvice, which serves both new world and lost ark


Wall o Text

Add some paragraphs and punctuation in there, whew.

I’ve read it all, it’s basically : Help me I’m banned. Yeah, all the text is about this, also a short sentence : “i honestly dont know what the perma ban was for i can only assume like i said before that i was maybe mass reported or something”

He tried, he lost, btw I lost 1 minute reading and I would rather have not, like you did xD


I made it through the first 3 paragraphs, and got to that wall with almost no punctuation…

Annnddd, Nope, not reading that :rofl:

It does seem like they messed up his ban appeal though. But oddly didn’t include any appeal screenshot.


Well yeah people should learn to press “Enter” a bit more to make it more “readable” ^^

Btw good luck for the team, if they would read it, to help him if nothing is proved he didn’t do anything wrong while EAC or any GM did ban him x)

If you didn’t RMT, did you like the other guy, camped on Atlas and slaughtered actual real player trying to complete their MSQ?

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It’s what you would expect from a game that uses customer service to both supply assistance for game related issues and sales for gold farming services.

why did u get mass reported? Argon troll? Atlas camper?


“so i believe i was mass reported at some point 2 weeks ago”

Why do you think so and for what do you think you get mass reported if I may ask, because this could be the solution to the problem?


You need to work with support on this. If you are absolutely legit and are getting what appears to be an automated ban after playing for a couple of hours each time, it is likely Easy Anticheat detecting something on your computer. Assuming you are 100% legit, it would be a false positive of some other application or driver running in the background. Support should be able to assist with this, but the first step would be to try closing every app that isn’t absolutely necessary next time you’re able to log in and see if it continues to occur.


Related to the mass report thing, this is why the best practice is to never write anything, ever, in game chat. You are guaranteed to offend randoms with some meaningless words and they will report you, trust me.


Im rporting bad behaviour all time. Many kids playing …
If you or someone else cannot be respectful team player and help community to progress you most likely get reports. Live with that.


Being respectful is very subjective. Some people are offended by literally nothing.

This is why I play the game with chat off.