3rd day in T3 and still cannot reach 1302!

I cannot do any T3 content because after 3 days of doing chaos still don’t have a weapon!!!

How can you allow something like this in game. This is actively blocking content, and mind you not even end game content!

schon ungewöhnlich…normal dropt beim ersten chaos spätestens beim zweiten durchlauf das ganze blaue set

Why you speaking German? I don’t understand German

Rough translation:

Quite unusual… the blue set usually drops by the second chaos on the first day.

That aside, I agree - it is quite unusual. This is why I always do the T3 chaos on an alt after gaining rested bonus. The rested bonus seems to give a way higher chance of getting BOTH sets of tickets AND all the blue set pieces.

Here is an idea for devs how to solve this: Upon completing main story quest that unlocks new tier (Yorn for T2 and Punika for T3) give full set of standard equipment (similar to how you get set at T1 after doing Shushire), but make it 0 quality. Voila, no longer blocks people from participating in content while at the same time makes farming gear necessary for better quality and bonus stats.

And I agree, it feels really bad whenever it happens.

Same thing happened to me. It will drop eventually but it kills the hype of being t3. They need to find a solution about it. For now nothing to do.