3rd person view option

Option for 3rd person view would make me like this game more.


the game is basiclly 3rd person view? unless you mean the camera is behind the character. the game don’t design like that. beside, SmileGate don’t look at this forum

Yeah, i mean behind the character. I think it brings more immersive and adventurous feeling.


not gonna happen, they would have to remake the whole game


Yea imagine amazon looking and this post and saying:

“ok bro we will literally remake the entire game to make it playable in 3rd person just to make you like it.”

If this post is not a joke then just grow up man xD if you don’t like the game don’t play it.


We need it and this would cater to console players as well… A whole new audience

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it will never ever happen trust me like there is no even a % of chance for this…
The game already exists and is in development for 5 years and literally everything was made for an isometric camera style, to make 3rd person gameplay possible they would have to remake the entire game from scratch…

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I agree third person mode is the best mode. As such I will be returning to Black Desert Online until this is implemented.


literally everyone i know says the same thing.
“great game, too bad it is isometric”
we still play it, but it is the thing that makes it not-perfect.

you feel like you’re watching someone else play.
it’s very un-immersive, if that’s a word.

shame really, cause that world is so beautiful!
if only we could …live it.

I would prefer 3rd person mode too ngl.
But it will NEVER happen for lost ark deal with it.

Ditto. It’s truly such a shame when people work so hard on such detailed and beautiful backgrounds and character models and fashion items and skill effects and pets, only to lock the camera in such a way that we can never actually get a decent look at any of it. This sort of camera angle also makes for abysmal control schemes that a large portion of players hate. I honestly don’t know why developers continue to waste everyone’s time creating this way.

I would much prefer a traditional behind the character, with first person mode optional camera mode over what we have, but I fully acknowledge and begrudgingly accept that it’s never going to happen, the camera angle and control schemes available will never change. As others have said, it’d require the game to be completely rebuilt from scratch.

Take an instanced temple for example. There’s some statues and a rock. We see these fixtures from a certain angle, and the backside of that statue was never “built” so to speak. Other angles of it weren’t built either (aside from cinematics). That rock? You’re only ever meant to see it from a northwestern angle from above. You can walk around it and see ever so slightly more, but it’s all still from that vantage point. You can’t view anything from a southeastern viewpoint, nor an eye level POV.

It sucks, hard. But it is what it is. Enjoy the game while it’s active. the hype will die shortly and something better, with a proper camera angle will come along, and people will be playing that instead.


This is not realistic. You can’t just change the perspective after development. Mechanically this would be horrendous. You need to be able to see attack indicators on all sides of you to be effective. Sure you could do leveling content in third person probably but all of the high level content would be impossible.

Why even play this game if you don’t like the camera angle? Just play one of the many many MANY other games in third person.

Personally I love the camera in this game, I love this type of game. Changing the camera, even if it was possible, would make this game worse.


I Agree the camera view sucks…i downloaded the game and deleted it instantly…i hate games with views like that…thats why GTA sucked when it was first released. This is the future of gaming and we don’t need retro gaming views with modern day graphics.

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This is one of the reasons I like this game. If you don’t like it, it means this game is not for you. It has a unique feeling on it. I’ld stick to wow or new world if I didn’t like the camera view. If you add the switch option to this game, I will not like this game anymore compared to other games has regular views already we have.
We never ment to see more then we should on the screen, even “vista” points shows us that.
Making your wish happen probably gonna end up like making a new game. If they wanted that game could have been designed as you said but no. They wanted to make it like that and we like it that way or not.
Anyways as someone else said, they not gonna design entire game for some people’s wishes and kill the feelings current view angle brings to the game.

If i didn’t have to look at the stupid ground while wondering around, I might enjoy it a whole lot better. i like to see what’s in front of me and or around me if i;m going to fight something. not a fan looking at the ground like stupid D3. Do you think if our military kept looking at the ground when we were fighting. Make the damn game a 360 game like WoW and Lotro for gods sake.
It wouls also be nice if the dev’s would add a full scree window mode.

The only game that does in the back 3rd person and is MMORPG is Vindictus

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This will never happen. To have this features need the whole game to be built from scratch.

If that happened the game would be unplayable and not lost ark…

This is one of the selling points of the game. If you dont like it play something differnt. There are hundreds of games out there with your desired camera view.

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