3v3 Population and Matching

Noticing my matches are mostly the same people on NA East. GMs and masters get matched with silvers fairly often. Upper gold and plat even more so despite ~800 MMR differences.

Is this some kind of bracketing or is the pop just that low?

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combination of bracket spacing not being large enough and low player population.
low bracket spacing works only if you have the player count to make it work.

the problem is smilegate is treating pvp as an after thought.
they need to add team queue.

PvP has a really small population and seems to be getting smaller unfortunately.

I dont know it this is the issue for everyone, but pvp is not worth to try for new players, so they dont… And if they do they often get steamrolled in queue vs ppl with tons of more exp, This game has 1 of the best pvp i had seen in games but you cant rly enjoy it casually. Also most ppl dont have time after finnishing everything on thier 6 alts :P.

I agree if you aren’t willing to take the abuse for your first 100 or so matches to learn, there isn’t much hope.

Tutorial/bot matches could help.

Abuse from the combat system and also the players :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just wish i didnt need 5 other ppl to start custom arena,

so i could train with my friends 2v2 or even 1v1

The PVP in this game is an absolutely trash afterthought by the devs and they don’t care, hence why the PVP playerbase is miniscule and getting smaller by the day.

It’s probably less than 0.1% of the playerbase. And solo queue is aids. So yea. The pve is good though especially when we get more content

They actually changed that you can do it now