3v3 PVP Ranked with friends possible in this version?

Just wondering, are there any plans on implementing 3v3 Premade group queue for ranked mode in Lost Ark West? I think for RU/KR/JP the only queue available is solo queue. I think both can coexist, I want to play with friends and coordinate with them. If not, what’s the purpose on allowing teamplay in non ranked mode?

I just got deeply dissapointed when I learnt about this… Please, tell me that in this version there will be separate queues for groups/solo players, just like in LoL.

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No plans for something like that at this time, It would most probably be up to smilegate if something like that ever gets added.

While whatever they decide to do will not affect me, them not allowing pre-mades in comp solves a lot of problems for them with regards to players’ clear distaste with boosters, smurfs, and such.

Anyone can play with friends against other pre-made teams in non-ranked modes.


I’ve been thinking about the pros and cons and yes, you are right in your affirmations @Sodium

My question now is, purely based on my ignorance on late-game systems, can you earn some currency or special items on ranked modes that you can’t earn in normal modes? Besides the rewards based on the ladder score you achieve during the season. If the PvP coins and rewards can be earned in the normal mode, I’ll be fine with it I guess.

The only thing I have against it, is the fact that meta comps will explode if people can coordinate in a premade. Ranked would just be the same best comps over and over.


This, here, is a big one. Variety in comps will evaporate instantly.