3v3 with SoloQ make no sense

I just want to cry a little because i just realized that you have to be so lucky to soloq if u want to do anything. If u get unbalanced enemy and not the best for ur team like 3 melee or 3 ranged etc. You can’t do anything :smiley: i just hit 590.000 dmg in a row of 5 with 1-2 death 3-6 kills and still all of this lose. XD Dunno maybe should put a premade queue in.

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this so much.

keep the soloq shitfest for those that enjoy it, but for the love of god add a 3v3 premade que


Yea there’s only lucky if u get good teamcomp like 1 supp 1 ranged 1 melee. but if u ultra unlucky its just killfest and everyone doing his own 0 comunication …supports goin for kill and dont care about the mage who’s fqd up in 1v2 xD

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The personal performance is 0 seen. I did almost 800k dmg , 6kills , 1 death —> lose but still lose more pointlike everytime.

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I had 3 games in a row vs enemy team with supp and ofc we lost. If they don’t fix match making and prevent such cases or team with 2 supports i fear ranked will be dead soon. This is big issue.

Honestly a issue i dont see get brought up is this would counter afkers issue because i doubt your homies are going to let you off the hook if you waste their time.

yep, i also though we should go crazy playing 3s with friends all weekend haha. well, plans changed :smiley:
If changes will be adapted in season 2 like the devs announced. Bare on mind guys its in 6 months.