4 Disconnections in a 20 minutes time gate

Hello, i have been disconnected 4 times in 20 minutes, please fix it asap, i cant believe that you guys cant fix it on almost 2 weeks of this disconnection issue… Alt-tabbed to change my playlist to keep farming and get disconnected, went to get a glass of water and get disconnected, went to the bathroom and get disconnected… its kinda joke.

Hi @Talelkiir

I hope you’re having a great time in the game.

I apologize for the disconnections your are experiencing while playing.

At the moment a disconnection issue is been addressed on the(November Update Hotfix), the Dev team is aware and working on it. Please be patient until the next update.

There’s a list of troubleshootings that may assist you to improve your connection stability while we wait for the hotfix, check them here.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Wish you the best and a nice week. :octopus: