4 hour hotfix? What about missing Main Quests?

Is the missing Main Story Quests being included in these fixes or not? Being told to “sit tight” feels really bad when there are no other updates on this situation and not much else transparency. Not to mention the fact that everyone with this exact problem on Galatur paid real money for a head-start and otherwise cannot progress their characters. More than 1/3rd of this head-start time has been obsolete since Galatur went down yesterday. Obviously I can’t speak for everyone, but I did not buy a Founder’s Pack to level Alt characters or gather collectibles. To clarify, I purchased a Founder’s Pack to have a higher level main character than everyone else upon release. Forums tell us to submit a ticket that could take days, in submitting a ticket player support tell us to keep an eye on the forums. Literally a circle of “wait and see”. Meanwhile posts on Lost Ark twitter about any changes/problems address everything but this. Now there is more server downtime with no statements or updates on this issue completely blind-siding it entirely. I understand this problem may take a while to fix, but being told to wait 48-72 business hours and see what happens is not proof of progress, nor is it any proof that this problem is any kind of priority, only to be kept in the dark through it all. Let the players with this problem know that it is important and is actively being resolved because the Founder’s Packs essentially become more and more of a waste of money until this has been fixed in light of the fact that they can only be used once, on one character, on one server, permanently forever unless any kind of changes are made in that regard. But I digress, updates on the situation would be more than appreciated so myself and the other players affected aren’t feeling absolutely hopeless of not even being able to continue progressing through the main story quests even after the game launches officially for free-to-play.


Yea, this is getting frustrating.

There are a ton of people on Galatur server, like me, who can’t progress our characters because a server bug made our main quest disappear.

The devs know about it and say Thanks for our Patience, but we paid for a head start and lost a full day of progress.

Killing mobs only gives like 2 and 3 experience points per kill. So it’s not like we can farm mobs in the meantime.

This is a critical game breaking bug and it literally devalues the preorder packs.

This should be top priority. Imagine is this bug pops up on other servers? It’ll be a s-show.

Not one word on the issue since yesterday afternoon…almost a full day…

Please check out News Post on this topics to find the steps you can take to resolve this issue.