4 weeks of raiding in WoW still no tier token drops

And yet we have people here complaining about how hard 1370 is to get. LOL


Can you take your WoW trauma away into maybe WoW forum/reddit?


As a week 1 FFXIV raider I also want to add on before people surely reply with stuff like “at least you’re doing fun and challenging content to farm drops”: After 2-3 weekly reclears and still not having the item you want drop it really becomes more boring and chore-like rather than fun engaging content. Maybe it’s just because the people I raid with are really high level so the content is easy but I just want to point out that just because you are doing a raid for RNG drops vs clicking a single button to hone does not mean one is necessarily more fun than the other.

MMOs are inherently grindy and different people will have different tolerances for when something stops being fun and becomes more tedious.


They are comparing it to lost ark and it’s grind. I think it’s okay here.


1370 isn’t hard, people just like to complain that they can’t get it in 1 week like streamers.


Anyone with a brain has known this from the beginning. All mmos have RNG, Lost Ark is just upfront about it and proudly tells you that you’ve failed or succeeded to incentives paying IRL

Rather or not you agree with or do that is on you


Ugh… I think the token raids in FFXIV were the worst experience I ever had. Doing the raid for the chest/pants tokens and needing multiple drove me nuts not because I needed multiple, but because only a couple dropped and if you were using match making you could do that raid 20 times a week and still not get a weekly token!

As a former raider on wow from TBC to SL, i know the pain from not getting your weapon, took me mounths on some tiers its a % that you may never get, but in this game you can say i need x amounts of materials to upgrade so i know that i will get it eventually
This is what i need to 1415, looks like a lot but theres no content to do at 1415 so i can chill

Sorry for my poor english, isnt my primary

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what’s that calculator app?

That’s either due to low progression or bad luck. It might be both.

Because you cant start even the raid until 1370? And thats p1.

Didn’t week 1 clear, but reclears are definitely a chore.
Then again, 8 characters here are starting to feel like a chore too.

Its a calculator from maxroll, you set it to lucky- avarage - me (worst case scenario)
so you can save your mats and go honing knowing that you will get your upgrades for sure (i always save for pity, if i get a lucky upgrade is the best feeling) .
I been playing 1325 save materials to push 1340, then repeat to 1470 and again so you cant never fail with this, if you go for pity everytime you will never get dissapointed

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A big chunk of the tier3 player base choose to sell their honing mats for Gold , And now they are crying for honing buffs to get a free ride .

I’m not saying all the tier3 but a big chunk .

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So if someone says that they can’t progress in LA its the same? Low progression or bad luck?

I 1-2 tapped my gear from 1355 to 1360 without boost items (15%-16.7% success chance) so I had great luck, and someone who has to 100% their artisan energy just has bad luck. Doesn’t mean the game is broken, its just their bad luck.

Uhh yall are comparing the wrong things though Tier token in Wow is more like the perfect legendary accessory or rock roll. iLvl is literally just the entry requirement to start your wow raid. lol you need to compare how long it takes to start wow raiding to how long it takes to get to 1370(start of lost ark raiding).


It’s a good comparison though.

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Because people want to farm the content not farm to get into the content. Wow has the same problems too where you’re required to farm insane amounts of dog shit to be raid ready but at least you can just enter and get face rolled.

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Red, i get you.
But its like an example, you can upgrade for sure 100% with artisian energy. (its super sad but its true)
I raged quit on wow like 5 times because my gear did not drop after many weeks

In no way does my post make any judgments about lost ark or it’s systems. However I know that if you raid for 4 weeks with full heroic clears that gives you 4 vault options to pick. Out of 12 choices if not one of them was tier then you have some bad luck. Also out of like 40 boss kills if you didn’t get 1 tier it would be super bad luck. But if they kill 1 or 2 bosses a week it makes a lot more sense. What does that mean for lost ark? Absolutely nothing!