4 years of content and this is what we get?

Not sure if really poor marketing for a game making millions, or is this event really as subpar as it sounds?

Also the punika pack that some ppl bought weeks ago got a nerf? U can get the same stuff from the auction house, its almost 1:1 value. How is this a “growth” pack?

How are you guys so lazy??? This game has potential to make even more millions and you are doing the bare minimum while bleeding players (see steamcharts, its less than 100k players in all of NA, SA, EU with 100k+ bots)

Give us:
Catch up mechanics for below 1460
Better deals in store


Catch up below 1460 haha

You really expect to just get a free honing pass to be where people who put forth effort is at ?



Who said free?

Also its for our benefit that more ppl are 1460. Would prefer to play with ppl :slight_smile:

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There are tons of people at 1460. Stop being lazy and wanting instant gratification to skip what rest of us worked for / earned.
In game.


Bruh im 1490, but my friends quit because they couldnt keep up. Its not laziness, some ppl have jobs and the events weve gotten are not on par with the release of new content


Sounds like a them problem.

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laughs in power pass/ark pass/hyper express/story express


Itll be a you problem when all the time u spent goes to waste because the game dies like new world


Im almost 1480 and i only do “dailies” for about 1.5 hours a day.

Its just excuses.

If game dies i move on, not really concerned.

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If they have job, that is fair, use the money they earn and swipe for gold.

You can’t get to end game content without either putting in the time to grind or putting in the money to skip that grind.

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150 dollars USD doesnt even guarantee a lvl 17 to 18


They wanted to but complainers ruined that via yoz jars.

Catch up mechanics for below 1460?

They already exist and are implementing a new one. Even giving away power/express passes every new character.

Better deals in store?

What is this walmart?

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The catch up mechanics do nothing after 1400. If 1460 is released, they should let ppl catch up to 1415 since its older content.

What do u mean about walmart? Their business model has made them incredibly succesful, whats wrong with giving discounts for long term profit?

They are it’s called growth packs.
If you want to catch up that badly then support your favorite game :smiley:

They are giving you a deal by letting you play the game for free.

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The growth pack is 1:1 value from buying from AH. And would give u 1-2 honing attempts max. So no it is not a catch up mechanic

it’s not 1:1 value if you can’t afford it via in-game means. That argument is MOOT.

If you can’t afford it with gold and want to “catch up” that badly swipe or make more alts.

What you are asking for is just a “get me to 1415 asap” method which is low effort and you should feel bad for asking.

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So my low level friends dont quit? Yes. That is what catch up mechanics are. In every game when new content is released there should be a catch up mechanic to at least the previous content. Its how u keep players

Tell your friends to git gud problem solved.

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Catch up mechanics? Why?
I understand if you want T1-T2 honing buff but its too early to get some T3 1460 catch up.

We only getting content for 1430-1460 tomorrow.
We gonna get punika power pass and maybe another express event with Arcana. Thats more than enough.

Just write down what you want. Free level, free gear, free gold, start from 1460 so you dont need to play the game for progress.

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