40$ for 1000 crystals !?

What the hell ? 40$ for 1000 crystals ? What is that ? Its so expensive, BDO have lesser prices… 80 dolars for skin …

50 Euros for the Gold Pack seems a real bargain now.

I’m sorry what ? Screenshots please

Yea i saw 5750 crystaline crystal for 191$, radiculous price when i get 7000 crystals with Platinum pack for around 100$. Also crystaline aura 41$ i will never buy it. Way way too expensive.

Never ever. There was a post cause skins were removed from the shop so it seems amazon is working on the shop while the game is live and so it comes with a lot of problems and errors

If they don’t fix it, i will propably buy gold pack too. Founders packs are now bargain compared to this prices.

idk what stuff costs here but for gacha games you are looking at 100 USD for like 50 pulls. And to get a rare unit it usually takes 100 pulls in them and not much useful stuff comes in between. Borderline highway robbery if you ask me but what is a guy supposed to do?

It’s really pointless to make a topic like this IMO, none of us can change the prices… And at the end of the day, its just cosmetics.