403,764 players online at 3:00 o clock at night / weekend. just because new patch / contents

This is how you get people to play the game (again). keep it up :ok_hand:. love lost ark.

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We all know what this is… come on now…


Screw timezones. Everyone move wherever OP lives

Cant tell if this is just some bait thread or legit. I’ll take the option it is legit…

All real players too. The bots simply don’t exist because that’s the narrative some delusional gamers wish to believe in no matter all the actual evidence that shows otherwise, including AGS admitting there are a lot of bots. Living in denial is the key for some in this clown world when reality hurts their feelings.

Also, it’s not 3 in the morning everywhere. Might want to brush up on how the world works when it comes to time zones.

europe, germany. and its now saturday

all real

Vpns banned all bad players, these are all legit players. I concur.

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Dunno why you would. There’s a reason the guy hides his profile. The only thing he does is post trollbait garbage.

Man, this guy’s the new PuffCo now? We needed one sooner then later…

I am glad I have a “number schizo” post about bots from february with 20k+ views, where the initial response on reddit and elsewhere was that “bots dont exist” and the math was bad

The game is still unplayable, but I feel a bit validated at least


im hiding my profile, because there are people going through all the posts of people, to search reasons to make them down. just because they have something against others, because they dont like their posts or because people have their own opinions. I had this experience at least 2 times at this forum and many times on the internet

250k bots don’t count

Oh wow that looks bad.

Don’t say the “B” word …

B… ok nvm