+-40starter games +-15later games

IMO this system kind of just rewards people who mindlessly played korea/other region servers 2 years before everyone else.

Just keep thie ± at 30points or so. People who play the same game for 2-3 years before its actually even released are just making characters on NA servers to show off their ability to be 2 years ahead.

Winning 5+games in a row is lame when its only +15 MMR. Maybe I should go grind private servers and perfect my tactic vs every comp before i play actual game

Well better players are going to progress faster? Just dont play ranked until you are ready to climb?

Why do you mind so much about thing that’s are not important.
For sure people who have 2/3 years of pvp experience are gonna rekt you but who care they are going to the top while you’re going to grind at your own rythm. You’ll get better over time and catch up with them. For sure you’re not gonna be grand master after one month of playing the game just enjoy pvp at your own pace.

Just keep the same rate of progression. People getting +40 who spam wins will still get there faster than people who lose some on the way.

The way it is now just rewards a cringey playstyle of making 4 characters of the same class just to perfect your placement games(people unironically doing this). The 2 year vets will still get there faster and normal players will get the satisfaction of actually getting rating when in the zone and on a fat win streak.

Maybe it encourages people to buy more characters, so i wouldnt expect it to be changed. But even in WoW (which is infinitely more competitive than this MMO by any metric, views/tourneys/prizes/people playing) you don’t see a MMR dampener depending on how many games played.