4k Login Queue at 2AM

How is there a queue to login in the middle of the night?
I don’t understand?

which server? i still have yet to get one on regulus NA East.

The game is so good that players even play when other ppl are asleep

US West Valtan

that sucks. I always see a lot of people in NA west complaining of q’s. Must be more bots over there. I havent seen a q at all since the first few days on my server.

Valtan is the server “adopted” by the areas of Oceania that AGS have publishing rights to (i.e. Australia), which also makes it a server of choice for those from across the publishing regions that are in guilds with worldwide memberships

Edit : And the bots are obviously back after a couple of days recoding to get around the latest measures

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Im in the OCE… by the time I get into the game, it will be my bedtime…
It is 9pm OCE time…

Has AGS lowered the number of players allowed in the Valtan server again?

Is that what the patch last night was all about?

:boom: :rage: :boom:

They keep lowering our capacities because they aren’t able to figure out what’s wrong with the servers. At the same time they wonh’t lock them so bots can’t just keep flooding them while the capacities are lowered.

NA west = NA West + OCE + SEA + China server.