4Th Roster Page

With Machinist being the 19th Classes joining the game will we be receiving a 4th Character Page to have roster room for 1x every class or am I going to have to delete a character?

You’ll likely have to delete a character, I believe our max character slots right now are 18 with the max in KR being 24 but ours won’t be extended to that for a while.

+1 @roxx - any information for the future / with next class release?

if you have nothing to do with your time, you can play 2-3 pages of my characters daily
nothing you earn will be yours but atleast you will burn time as you plan to do anyway

This speculation is based on something solid or it is just “trust me bro”? AFAIK we didn’t get any mention from AGS about extending character limit above 18, but that also means they didn’t say it won’t happen for Machinist release.
From what I remember they did mention that free powerpasses will not be available with each character release (while on 2 month schedule), so Machinist is likely to not get one and people with 18 characters will either have to buy it or grind 10-50 manually. I’m pretty sure that most will buy one just to get to North Vern at least. Seems like a good profit for no effort.

This isn’t speculation it’s me asking a question, in KR they have 4 pages and are able to make 1x of every class. I enjoy trying and playing all the classes getting a feel for how they play.
I’m not stating this is normal player behavior or AGS MUST do anything, it’s just a question I’m curious about that wasn’t mentioned in the roadmap.

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+1 for the 4th roster page. I will have to delete a character to play machinist.


I can barely manage playing 6 characters, I never see how you all have the time to play 18 let alone 19

You do daily stuff on rested only. Takes about 2.5h for daily stuff on average (per day) with 18 chars. You can of course stop doing certain things on certain characters for whatever reason - for example I no longer do Yoho on 4 alts that are underperforming. On one alt that I just don’t like at all I only do rapport with 2 NPC and guild checkin.
Weekly stuff I do of course only on 6, often paying for AFK bus (3 of them can’t clear Argos P3).

Eventually I will do only GR on 6 best chars, rest just lopang + CD + boss rush for gems.
I do plan to level them up eventually to 1445, like all of them, because I know that Soulfist that I can’t stand to even do chaos dungeon with will be better with relic set, kinda like Wardancer, but that is a fairly distant future. Still, I do not plan on deleting her.
Also, reworks might happen and it is nice to have already geared high ilvl character to try it out and see if you want to bump that char up and do more stuff with.

Rested rotation all the way. I was trying to do everything on a lot of characters everyday and it was just too much. Now with 3 raids to do per week per character, that is my priority. Need to make that gold!

I also like just trying other stuff out so I’m curious about this. Plus if your lopang slaves are T3 they indirectly make gold from cube/boss rush if you buy tickets from guild, or if you choose to do CD.