5 hours maintenance bcs of 10 pheon lol

This is a bullsh*** that i cant even imagine lol. So freaking stupid hahaahahahahahahaa


except its not actually 10

except it is

doesnt matter that it is 10 per character, 10 per character is NOTHING it’s a drop of water on a hot stone.


5 hours?? you mean full day right??

OH HELL YES :popcorn:

Think about this:
~200k average players, 70% bots 6 alts per bot account equals to ~8.5million pheons in total.

Thats obviously a very simple and basic assumption but could be a reason why they took servers down

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one can have max 24 characters it is almost enough to get 2 sets of relics for 2 characters

They are practicing for the Weekly Wednesday ShitNado…

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if you have all your server maxed out ! the 240 pheons can be spent on just stones and still get nothing useful from them !
who ever decided to take servers down for 240 pheons should be fired !


You know now i think about it. They put so much effort into reverting the pheon mistake, why can’t they do that for server instability we have this past week and also the bot issues. Damn… this is pretty pathetic.


That argument is not sound at all.

people who have 16 or more characters also need a lot more pheons, 10 per character is meaningless amount in the grand scheme of things

funny amazon has you convinced that 100 pheons is some gamebreaking meaningful thing.


they lose more money by taking servers down for what 5+ hours instead of letting people keep what 200 and under pheons
someone needs to be fired these issues cant keep happening

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i dont received any pheons…where are these 10 pheons? lol

“skill trees” mail…where? i did not receive anything

240 pheons for a guy with 24 characters is a drop in the ocean. He can only gear one guy with that much pheons incomparison of how much he spend to get pheons and spend more pheons that is literally nothing. Now we are getting ancients soon, those pheons are nothing.

most bot accounts wont even use the pheons. They bot to make gold not to buy accessories or stones that will surely make them lose gold. They rather have free powerpass and free hyper express to get to high ilvl and make more gold and money.

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Think about this, you could in theory make a bot buy a shit accessory from rmting players with those free pheons.

While those 10 pheons per bot might not have that much of an impact on the market in the hands of actual players it is a unknown variable that could’ve made amazon decide to take the servers down and revert this mistake.

Then again it could be because of something totally unrelated to the pheons themselves.

Or simply because they’re a greed corp.

Was just a theory.

Sure but they already did that with gems, why does it matter that much with shit accessory. They can also get free weekly pheons from the event we just got. does it affect that much nope.

but then again. A mistake is a mistake, they need to own up to it instead of trying to revert it.

Don’t think you actually understand the gravity of situation. It is 10 pheons per character, they fucked it up big time. So if someone had 24 alts, they could claim 240 pheons. Check your facts before speaking.
I agree tho, situation is fucked up either way.

I am pretty sure they would try to flip the market since they have free pheons. Those 240 pheons being nothing for someone with 24 characters argument is also not sound imo. Since you only need 6 or would play MAX 10. And one would probably use most of them for lopang anyways.

I like how 240 are pheons nothing for you

240 pheons is not even enough to buy a full set of relic accessories for 2 of his 24 characters, furthermore he paid $180 already on character slots alone so rewarding players that previously spent with a gift is not even an issue

there is no problematic “gravity of the situation”

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