5 weeks from 1340 to 1365

Hello, yes this is my feedback about the game and publisher as Amazon Game studio if you dont like it is your problem.

This game massively loose players and it every week worse, because lack of pve contect and rewards from it. I dont understand why we get so strange version of the game. nerfed gold income, huge nerfed material income. problems with bots on start have caused inflation of gold and whale swiping like tomorrow dont exist. I dont see the problem with releasing of Argos, problem was we received nerfed income(gold/mats and missing contect to get it)

Yes we received two opornuty to get materials from event, but who have calculated how much we get it?

I’m really unlucky guy for honing changes, but I spent now 655 hours on this game, buyed founder pack, 2 omen sets, few mounts and earned on total like 125k +/- gold, have 2 alts on T3 with 1325, 3 alts on T2… my main is 1365 and have used all reset to get materials spend 50k and still not 1370 ye I’m crying here about it but from +10 to +14 i failed every piece 8,9,10 times before get it up, and your books and materials dont really worked, well opotise site happend I was pissed more off after honing. the chances are ridiculus. I dont think is really good and Healty for player to get from 1340 to 1365 in 5 weeks

This game is not hard is only annoying with all daily/weekly limits. before this game I have played black desert online have reached 693 gs(15 000+/- hours) before I stop played and start with lost ark . Who have played BDO know what really pain is, but your not daily capped with your grind and you can waste you time how you want.

This is not a grind game is only semi-WoW daily capped contect…
what I really like is smooth pve combat and raids/abbysal dungeons here but again capped… Same tower… bosses… and more…

stronghold/missions/lifeskills all really good systems and I like how are they connected together. Game have really nice collections to get it, really sweet pets, I most like the ping mokoko pet really cute. skins are fine but I miss something. I fully understand why you dont release all skins and cosmetics it is more effective for company release them month by month and controll sales spread the year events/sale/holidays other stuff.

As publisher AGS is a company of a fully amatuers they not learned the disaster from New world, same issues with releasing and manage the community, I understand thats this company dont exist long time and dont have many experiences but this is not important to me as customer, if I buy product I want some sort of level quality, too many downtimes and bug fixes. I was not able a week write in chat and comunicate ingame with party members! in a MMO really bad thing! Company say many lies and the statemenst are really funny. AGS saying they need data, but the korea have already historical data of players what have played last 3 years why get another one?

Smilegate have seen after realeasing Argus they changed honing rates for all tiers and they have much more ways to get the resources. but AGS need to do business and do sales in your shop. I agree every company should do some profit and make money but the lies of your statements and expecting players are stupid and dont see behind what really happen is bad. your biggest fail is ruin the reputation of the game and yourself. If it is how you do your business. For now will not ever play again game from AGS or buy your products and support(amazon/twich/prime video).

I liked this game really! Have a nice day and have good luck on honing!

you should listened what white knights told us, like me. i’m enjoying every inch of game, in fact im enjoying it so much that i just do my daily lopangs and chaos dungeon then i press alt+f4, dude its so fun to play like this, you know what i mean. its not all about horizontal, vertical, x/y/z content LMAO if i could play in KR i would already abandon this sinking ship but i can’t leave just like when i waited for this game to come out for 4-5 years. Its annoying af :rofl:


I agree with you, but I will not support more company what spread lies to hide and milking much how they can and destroy a good game. AGS is company with good PR and Salemanagment but amatuers development and manage the game…

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