5000 que on mari

Still a line. Are you going to take bots seriously ever?


im still on 5082 que. nice one.

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I am still trying to understand how there are these hour long queues now but not when the game was released? With the lag and being dcd just to sit through another hour queue is getting frustrating to say the least. There has also been no response to this issue which makes me think they either dont care or are still 3 days later not aware of the issue.

One more thing; got dcd at about 9 pst last night and there was no queue. I got straight back in, why?

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AGS is a complete clown show. how can this server have so many constant problems. They can’t solve shit its pathetic.

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You got in Mari at a good time… was at 8k when I tried two hours ago. Now my two hours gaming time is up and never did make it all the way through that queue. Yesterday was in the 7000’s and I never made it on then either. :confused:

And for Psycon I’m not sure how LA works but in other online games I’ve played the game keeps your spot online for 5-20 minutes after you log off so if you do dc you are able to jump right back in and avoid the queue.

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Was 7.1k when I joined queue 30min ago

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This is seriously pathetic. Up to 9k and AGS is still acting like this isn’t a real problem. Hope they are handing out extra Argos/Abyssal tokens because this would have been the only time this week I would have had to do them…

Left my cave and came back to a 10k queue. Are other servers like this or is it just Mari? Bots should get their own separate server.

Mari seems to be particularly bad. I’ve been in queue for 30 min and not even half way there. I’d like to get to play at some point this weekend…

They should incentivize reporting bots, 10g per bot. Weaponize the player-base and redefine bot farming.

It’s up to 9k now

i want good compensation for this…

10k queue for Mari just now… this is pretty rough this weekend.

More than an hour waiting. Can’t wait to see this game die, since that seems to be exactly what AGS wants to happen.