5/28/22 Server crash while doing Valtan. Need Re-entry

I’m seeing some that have already received a re-entry ticket. Where’s mine?
Game froze while 2-3 hours in. Stuck on the screen and then X’d out of the game to restart.

IGN: Chocococoa
Server : NA west Valtan

You need to have lost your entry in order to ask for a reentry… Did that happen to you?

Hi, we were in the same raid along with 6 others. I remember you.

IGN: Riverphoenix
Server: Bergstrom

I’m still waiting for the re-entry ticket. I hope you get yours.

Didn’t complete Valtan. The game froze, then exited the game.
Tried to recreated but it wouldn’t let us.

This actually sucks then

there are a lot of people with this issue, i am in the same boat.
some of my raid group has recived the ticket and some have not.

Not getting a reentry Valtan ticket is so staggering. Losing a week of progression due to server issues is unacceptable. It’s like a punch in the stomach because it’s a whole week that you have to wait! Please give my group back their re-entry tickets! This is highly frustrating!

Chocococoa, Sizzurp, Wotanisi

Don’t forget me! I was in this raid party!