5k Queue at midnight on Mari. Give us Server/Region transfers

Give the consumers more options if you can’t even moderate your own game Smilegate/Ags.


Where are you going? I’m on Enviska and its 5700 queue just now. I wanted to login to grab some wandering merchants…yeah that aint gonna happen. By the time I get on maybe I can catch the NEXT hour of them…absolutely trash game.


Yep the entire USW is nuked by bot farms, I meant to say region transfers. I’ve put it up there now


Akkan 6k+ queue… If it were real players I am waiting, I would be less bitter but knowing that I am in queue because of chinese bot farms AGS cant stop is really annoying.

Tonight I dont think I will be able to log in before reset with 6k+ queue and gonna lose on a bunch of dailies. At this point I am better off giving diablo immortal a go tonight instead.


Lol we get double dipping for chaos gates and field bosses but unstable servers. Give us 50 aura of resonance in advance pls lolol


similiar queue on valtan

Hell even Shandi has ques again and I think we’re the smallest server pop on USwest.
Game always feels laggy as all heck when the bots are overwhelming the server.

Logged in, grabbed daily reward, logged out. (took 15 minutes tho) Edit: loading the game and grabbing my item and stuff took 15, the que was longer lol

Even if this was due to popularity and real players it would be time to do something.

Amazon probably has more servers than anyone, how can they keep fucking this up?

well, they are where buyers are. If transfers are a thing wouldn’t the cause spread as well? Taking bots with them?

Maybe. More people play in Eastern servers than west so Geography is why people assume it is the West servers having so many issues since China is physically closer.

I think the US West servers have separate issues as well, there have been so many other technical difficulties and just poor performance overall that it can’t be from the bots alone.

add more servers for the bots! so bots can move to other servers!. :rofl: :rofl:

5500 que on Rohendel, which I feel like is one of the least pop servers. It’s not just the que issue with NAW either. Since the double maintenance we had that one Saturday, my latency has gone from being consistently 32ms to 47ms-63ms, which latency spikes all the time ranging from 100-600ms (Dungeons/Raids seems to happen more frequent).

I really wish they would add roster transfers to NAE. I find it odd that if we live in the Western US that we can’t play with people that live in the Eastern US (Assuming you chose the server you live around).

NAW should just be given to the other Regions that are supported and let those that live in North America transfer to NAE.

i want off US West servers ASAP. AGS and SG are clearly incompetent when it comes to these issues.

Welcome to NA W- Valtan daily login