5k queue in Shandi

wtf is happening, before this week i have never had to queue, and i have been playing since launch, rn this is giving me new world vibes.


And it is not even moving. I just gave up and went to dinner.

Same in Akkan lol. This is getting out of hand. I can tolerate a 2k que but 5k and it doesnt look like its moving is retarded. Earlier I waited more than hour just to play for 30 mins. Dont give me that “why would you log in if you have to leave soon” comment because I didnt expect that I was gonna be waiting for an hour just to get in.

5.8k queue on Akkan. I’ve tried to login mutliple times and it has not been below 4k since yesterday morning. Waited 1 hour 10 min last time I was able to get in. Guess it was fun while it lasted.

Atleast I can take comfort in the fact that I didn’t dump tons of money into leveling my chars.

3,700 queue on Bergstrom NA right now, which is literally empty most nights and didn’t even have queues at launch. What a joke. Must be 99% bots filling the server.

Please slap a $50 per account price tag on this game, and then ban these fuckers. Let them chose whether to invest real money or move on to plague the next f2p.