5k queue minimum (2h+) at all times on NA W/Mari/Valtan

Having to start a game 2-3h before I actually get to play it every day for the past couple of days is absolutely LUDICROUS. (VPN ban did absolutely nothing except screw my Aussie friends who used exitlag)

Do you know how many people can afford to play only for 3h a day? And they spend that time in a queue?? I hope that this server, and this entire region dies so that we can transfer accounts elsewhere. I am sick of Mari and Valtan being in shittiest state since launch. Constant crashes, constant rubberbanding, constant bugs, pvp ranking doesn’t get updated, marketplace does not work, players getting stuck massively in maps that GMs have to manually get you unstuck by summon etc. There hasn’t been a single week since launch where this region didn’t have a gamebreaking bug, yet we continue to be completely neglected by AGS.

When ATK, KR youtuber/streamer made an account here to play the west version of the game, he said that this is the worst, absolute dogshit server of any game he has ever played. He can’t believe we have so many players because servers are literally unplayable.

Out of 11 friends that started the game, only 4 of us are left, and now one more friend is thinking about quitting because she can’t deal with awful servers and having to wait hours to play the game despite enjoying it a lot. If they all quit and move on to something else, I will to. I am not going to play this alone on an most awful server that I’ve seen in any game ever.



My passion for the game declines everyday as I encounter stuff like this. While I will log in again to Mari next day to queue up to play, I am pretty sure when POE’s new league come out in another 2 weeks, I am just going to drop Lost Ark, despite having spent so much money for character slots.

I am honestly fine with content delays. However, I think they need to at least have a playable product - stable servers, somewhat controlled bot (yes, I don’t expect them to be fully removed. All games will have bots, but Lost Ark is clearly out of control).


As more bots get on the game and queues become longer, it makes me want to switch servers more than ever. Not having the ability to transfer to a different one is just dumb and unnecessary. Bc of these recent problems, I’m considering taking a long break from the game until the devs are capable enough to address this without making matters even worse for other players…


The long queue’s and bot problems have been helping me get back into other games i’ve neglected playing , I didn’t even log in Saturday due to the queue times and only having a few hours to game ( not gonna spend it in queues ) , at this point I think thats AGS’s plan to kill their own game.

NA W/Akkan has a 2350 logon queue at 11:40 AM Pacific. :frowning:

yes i totally agree. these que times are disgusting and they don’t go down. last night at 1 AM i was trying to login, I was 10k in que and i was not able to get on before reset 2 hours later. like ok even that late at night yeah sure

I totally agree with you!
Be ready for another one of those super helpful comments from the their support team…

"Hey xxxx

I’m sorry to hear that (But I don’t really care) our devs will take that in consideration (no they won’t) I’ll type more gibberish and say that this is to fix the bot problem, when we have no idea what we are actually doing and are uncapable of providing the players with an honest feedback on how bad at managing our releases we are, so we are going to continue screwing up and not caring about players having to wait more than 2 hours in a queue :).



Wanted to login to play but hit the 6k+ queue on a Sunday afternoon. After about 30 minutes it was still above 5k. Just closed the game lol. What is even the point if this is the state of the servers. There really is zero excuse. AGS actually can’t run a game with any degree of competence.

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I have never seen a game with the potential to have a consistent player base for years to come receive such neglection. Que times are reasonable within the first few weeks of a new game, however this is ridiculous. I wanted to love this game but the lack of communication/transparency, neglect, and content is pushing me to move on. The game is becoming what the critics said it was going to be from the very beginning, a “cash cow”.

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And what a surprise, not a single response from a CM. Not even a worthless non answer like they always give.