5x3 and Legendary Skins costs the same, but somehow one is removed because of "pay-to-win"?

Both costs around 150k gold to get.
Yet 5x3 gives a bigger power boost than Legendary Skins.

The ability stones required to get 5x3 is also gambling RNG-based and have real-life costs assosciated with them in the form of Pheons, which costs blue crystals.

And yet, for Legendary Skins, which are also attainable with gold and blue crystals, this is too much?

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What a stupid comparison LOL


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One is gambling and you very well can end up with literally nothing. One is farming which is inherent to virtually any MMORPG and will net you results at a consistent pace even if you’re unlucky.

They are two entirely different things and therefore the comparison is a waste of time and I certainly do hope that this is just some low key attempt at whining/trolling and not the best you can actually come up with after raking your brain.


150k + the Urn which can only bought with RC.

One people accept and the other people complained about endlessly before it was even in the game so it was removed.

Wait leme ask Saint-One. Or ATK ill be back with the response of GODS

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its the same if you buy it for gold but if you buy it for RC its completely different story

You really are relentless. Going to end up in the hospital if you keep this up

He must be pretending comparing end-game gear with skins.

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Legendary Skins please.

Removed because of shitty lootbox practices. Not P2W aspects.

Ya trippin man

Idk bro on average my 5x3 alts cost me 12 to 25k gold. No way I’d get a legendary skin for that.

Legendary skins weren’t removed for being p2w they were removed because Yoz’s jar is a shit lootbox, Idk where people get the idea that skins are p2w from the skins you already have already give you stats.

So what leg avatars give you 1% more str than epic ones, conveniently enough you can craft leg avatars f2p in KR from an npc making even the less than 1% dmg increase you get from having them even irrelevant than it already was anyway. So much for p2w.

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