5x3 Builds. Got yours? + How to approach (Obvious flex post)

Step 1. - Play unpopular class/build.
Step 2. - Start with a gold class engraving + 7/7 (9/5) stone.
Step 3. - Use a calculator like this one loaengravingcalc.com.br/ and assemble your build.
(Reference AH and tinker about different engr. combos to find the cheapest path.)

Step 4. - Create AH search presets for all the required relic jewelry.
(Review the setup carefully before purchasing, mistakes are costly!)

Quality priority is:
Necklace (Blue or above) >
Earrings (High-to-mid green or above) > Rings (Even high yellow will do for now)

Step 5. - Pray for profitable drops cause otherwise y’er fucked. :smirk:

Step 6.

Smash Nineveh!

Get outdamaged by a Sorc in blue gear.

Good luck!


Forget to say buy with bidding not full price

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Yep. Nice addition. Totally can’t relate though. Trash Pistoleer’s build is so cheap I didn’t need to chase bid price. :nerd_face:

biggest tip i can give people who want to make a build right now is that if you want an engraving on 15 from 0 nodes, instead of putting +5 +5 +5 you can also put +5 +4 +3 +3, every build i made on all my chars got about 70k-100k cheaper with the second distribution on the one engraving i had neither on stone or book (have 2x golden book though for this)

Need a million gold to have all the jewelry of 1415. So if you’m not lucky. It sucks because the store does not care about players

It’ll normalize soon enough.

Spend real money stupidly to exchange gold legit way to get my 5x3 because I am not stupid enough to get banned after spending so much on a pixel char (which is also stupid, I know… don’t need reminder).


I do not waste my time on a character I do not enjoy playing

Final advise :

Legendary engraving books

  • build a time machine to get before Valtan release.
  • rewatch on same period all big KR streamers explaining that when it was released in KR and RU the prices went up by 100% and it never dropped down.
  • be amongst the people that listened to the advice, stopped honing or even sold tons of mats and bought class engravings or cursed dolls etc when it was half the price or even less.

Then carve a 7/7 or 7/4 stone and easy 5x3.

You are welcome.

If y’all are buying accessories for 50k plus you aren’t not doing it the right way you need to swap engravings in and out with each other to find the cheapest don’t just buy grudge cursed doll on the same accessory

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Yes it already costs a hundred thousand gold

This is correct, You need to swap engravings on rings, earrings,neck all around to find the cheapest combos. They are out there - Save presets and swap around stuff as needed.