5x3 chads opinion

Hello. I recently folded a 5x3. Mayhem legendary book for +12. Cost 110 because I had 3-4 books. I’m starting to feel guilty about what I did wrong because I should buy a grudge +12. Alts in the future would take advantage of this. But now it would cost twice as much, and sometime when brelshaz comes out again the cost of its mayhem jewe would be cosmic. What do you think about this? Does clown requires 5x3 for my alts in far future?

Clown? That’s 4x3 not an issue at all

Clown i mean shaco i mean kakul seydon

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For Kakul-Saydon, 5x3 becomes a requirement. At least that’s how it is in other regions. Its a tough DPS check.

Running 5x3 on my main, and on my main alt as well (though control glaivier is cheap to do that with).

I’ve never regretted spending the gold on that.

Do you think that i made mistake?

Nope. Your alts will certainly suffer. I’m in the same position. I have 12/12 Igniter,AoA on my main Sorc. I had to get 12/12 Deathblow, Ambush Master for my Striker. It was VERY expensive. The way the game is built its certainly not a mistake. Grudge books are going down a bit at the moment, I’d advise saving up and buying them. That’s my plan.

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tbh I don’t understand why they have sperated Allout and Super Charge. It should be the same engraving from the begining, such that buying Allout actually open you multiple options for alts.

These engravings are usually niche or only affect one or 2 specific classes. I really don’t get why they didn’t merged these 2 engravings from the start.

what does this have to do with my post?

I’m just reacting to the fact that the way they made engravings (such as Allout/Super charge, or Master Brawler/Ambush Master) is shit, these engravings should be merged into one from the begining. Especially for Allout/SuperCharge since some classes have both Chargin and Holding/casting skills.

Doesn’t really concern you specificly, but I was mostly reacting to this

Clown in KR is 5x3 & +21 weapon. Na will probably follow this as well.
buying +12 mayhem is good as it will save you 1000s of gold when ancient accessories comes out at 1540+. If you manage to get grudge as well you’ll be done imo with engraving books.

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For Hard Mode I presume you mean. I highly doubt you need that much power on normal.

There is hard? i Heard there is only normal and its 1475???

Oh I dont know, I just assumed there was normal/hard mode.

So you Heard wrong mate.

5x3 is the requirement that people will accept you in Pug… you can clear with static with less.

do you need a 5x3? no
will you feel comfy with a 5x3? yes

when looking to buy legendary books you have to account your cost

almost everyone goes class engraving +12 grudge +12
this is because class accessories cost a kidney on content other than argos
grudge is because class engraving with grudge requires you to be a bitcoin investor

that being said you have options and you don’t have to purchase the highest cost items
and depending on your stone luck you may even get away with buying 3x4s and 3x3 accessories

the most efficient +12 book is grudge because it is going to be used on everyone by the end game
ie when people start optimizing builds grudge will be on everyone so there will be an insanely high demand for grudge jewelry

it is also technically efficient cost wise if you accountn for the potential users of your engraving
so if you have 5 dps alts with your zerker main then grudge is just very high efficiency purchase

that being said zerkers tend to no longer use grudge at end game so if your concern is only for your zerker you are good

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imagine not making your own group and not gatekeeping for stupid reasons

wait did you even read what I wrote ?

You say zerks don’t use grudge in the end game ,? why is that? this is by far the best engr in the game. I use grudge with my 5x3 and I wouldn’t get rid of it for nothing in the world. Can you explain to me what you meant?