5x3 easy cheap builds

This dose work on some classes [ not all ]

so people choose to go for Spec & Crit or swiftness but they can go also for domination
it dose give you a bonus damage if the enemy had a debuff ++ more damage if he is staggered
so that works on legion raids and gradian raids other then that you can work towards easy builds + 1 Engrave that gives more damage on staggered foes about 45% or so that will increase the numbers also

for me these type of cheap builds i can use on characters that do not need crit they already are build with it like lance master or sorc or demonic or idk about the rest characters so i did test it on sorc and i did get high numbers but still need more testing builds cost around 9k to 30k T3 relic

so you dont have to stay on spec and crit and stay behind try domination with spec
domination will be more effective with spec do not go with other then spec with domination it will reduce the damage if your character has damage with spec balance those two and enjoy

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idk if you’re joking or what because the debuff of domination mean stunned, frozen… not the one that minus defend or atk… So basically domination is useless in pve


wow im mentioning legion raids and gradian raids and your talking about pvp

typo i mean pve


and good luck to find a party if you build like that

and when i said some classes like sorc im talking more about igniter users they have slow attack animation so they wait for the right moment to use it and that is most likely when the boss is staggered or countered so more damage when they use it

be honest let use Valtan as example, how many times you can stagger him in 1 fight? you willing to sacrifice more crit chance → more dps through the whole fight for just a tiny bit dmg when he staggered?

just NO …

this is just plain BAD advice.
you dont go for the worst stats just because they are cheap… i mean you can, but dont expect to be invited into any group if you do.


Thats a great idea actually. maybe take seconday stats of expertise to extend the debuffs and staggers on the boss.

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if you have no gold to build 5x3 and no one is accepting you in a party cuz you have 4x3 or 3x3 and most likely you will die in two swings of valtan then they can play with this build safer with more more damage if he is staggered or countered i did test it the difference between this build and normal builds is about 3m but if the foes is staggered dam i cover that 3m lost x3 times or x4

alright I give up on you, good luck :crossed_fingers:


Wait, there are Lost Ark Trigonometry raids??? I’ve always like maths, how do I sign up? :scream:


Maybe you should try this in trixion before making a huge mistake.

you are right


Nice historical meme … learned something new today :+1:

You should think about why you are broke and work on that, better than asking strangers to be understanding when they are expecting meta build.

yea the difference you mentioned is maybe 3 million dps lmao

if you have no spec on igniter you get almost no bonus damage from igniter mode and you also dont generate meter for it at all, you will be useless in and outside of igniter
if you have no spec on glaivier your buffs from switching stances are terribly weak and same thing again you almost get no meter from your spells to switch stance

if you show up with high domination or even any wrong stats on dps you will get instantly declined anyway

Domination outside of PvP is a meme
You’ll see top geared people use it on staggered bosses for funny moments but that’s all