5x3 engravings not affordable? Help

My main just reached ilvl 1475, i thought i could park it there to be ready for clown and focus on alts.

However, i found out that you’ll need 5x3 instead of 4x3 for clown, at least if you gonna partyfinder it.
My Main has 7/20 out of his legendary class engraving.
Pushing this to 20/20 and then buying BIS accessoiries to reach 5x3 would take me around 3-4 month of only farming and selling to reach.

So i kinda don’t know how to proceed here and could need some help.
I focused on pushing alts to 1370 for now and stopped on my main, too.


u able to create ur own party or just find a static it’s not that hard, in ur situation i will be focused on alts since clown wont go anyway and will w8 for u + u can create ur own lobby, and without decent roster of alts further u go hardest it’s gona be

The prices of the legendary books and accessories will be dropping. Save gold and check the AH several times a day to catch some cheap options. The prices for the legendary books drop usually in Wensday evening and Thusday after more people finish the weekly raids.

same goes with relics, you need to check AH regulary to pick up good pieces in affordable prices.

For me, pushing from 4x3 1x1 to 5x3 will cost around 140k gold. Fuck that. I wont do that.
At least if I would try with pug but with static I dont need to :wink:
edit: 1 month has passed. Not 140k gold. It will be 250k. Cute inflation.


damn you gonna be deadweight in your static, this is why i don’t like statics

You trying to be toxic but there is no 5x3 in our group and wont be in the near future.
None of us have 80-120k just for the legendary engraving.
If 4x3 1x1-2 not enough for the clown we will just stop playing. Thats all.


With only one alt it took me a bit more than two weeks to stop honing and save gold for books and accs, around 150k

Best solution


You don’t need 5x3 anyway. But if you want to get there try get 1 engraving to x12 first. Buy 1-2 legendary books each week and sooner or later you have the 20. afterwards get a 7-7 stone and figure out which accessories combination is the cheapest for you to get to 5x3.

for one you can beat clown with 4x3 as well (assuming theyre all damage engr) and secondly, you need alts to make money. this is the perfect time to upgrade alts to 1415 or even 1430 to increase your gold and material income.

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The solution is to get a static.

DDs in our static don’t have 5x3 yet either and we don’t expect them to have it for clown. It is not necessary at all for a group that knows how to play together.

Party Finder is a totally different story though. My twink support ist 1480 with 4x3 and I definitively won’t accept any DD below 1480 with 5x3. Because: Why should I? There are more than enough DDs with these stats our higher so there is no reason do accept anything less.

Depends on how many alts you have

I make around 50-80k g avg a week from doing weekly content and selling accs.

50 k is lowest min with no accs to sell
You can easily avg buying 1-2 legendary books per day

Atm im doing desperate salvation and heavy armor for a total of 7 k pr day.

Accs are expensive depending on what you need

Alot of people want high ilvl ones and thats going to cost you a shtload
While you could go for lower ones around the ilv 40-70 range that wont bankrupt you to yhen slowly upgrade them

You’re gold income must be astronomically low if you think it will take you 3-4 months

with a 7/7 stone you don’t need 2x legendary books
with a 7/4 stone you are required 2x legendary books
with 7/7 stone and 2 legendary books you can buy 3x cheaper accessories

as people will be looking at engravings you can lower on quality as that impacts a lot the price

with 4 alts at 1370+ and main 1460+ you get around 20k gold a week
if no lucky sales happen
if you sell mats you can make alot more

for a 5x3 you can always choose a budget engraving
if your class allows it not including grudge or cd can reduce your cost by a lot

try to look at different combinations
you have basically 6 stone combinations available for a 5x3 which also can drastically increase/decrease your accessory combinations/costs

Start selling gems from your bosses rushes at level 7 from all your alts, sell all the mats you get, don’t open the bonus loot from any of the dungeons, maybe run busses if you can / want to?

You may need a few alt at atleast 1400 so they get oreha + argos gold each week. You don’t really see it being big right now but that could net you 40k minimum a week. With only 6 chars I could generate close to 50k a week. Took me 2 weeks to finish a 5x3 but my class engravings are 5.5k (FI WD).

Well 5x3 is currently the best build you can get without insane ability stone luck so obviously it’s not going to be affordable for everyone. I’m down 90k on books and 200k on accessories themselves so we’re on the same boat, but it is what it is :person_shrugging:

you have 2 months.

stop honing. sell mats. buy accessories until 5x3. then start honing again

you have 2 months. That is plenty of time

i bought 20x leggy grudge book at 9.5k avg each. and i still have class book and acc and stone left. kekw thank god clown is not coming before september 28 approx

edit1: beside if you pug clown, dont even think of being able to get in teams at base ilvl. so, for me, i still have to hone my stupid char to at least 1490 by the standard of our global community sad lfie

have a 7/7 stone with one +12 engravin book (master brawler, cheap one), so have 4x3 + 1x2 and this is enough for now. wont be changing it even with kakul.