5x3 engravings not affordable? Help

What is your roster? One character?

i have 4x3 and i dont even klnow what would i put as 5x3 :smiley:

maby cursed doll but i hate this engraving as hell ;/

4x3 is fine, as long as ur tripod levels are high they can make up for ur lack of 5th engraving.

I would start worrying about 5x3 with Brelshaza.

1475 - 1370 - 1340 - 1340

Well you are on the right track since you decided to start focusing on your alts. More high ilvl alts means more gold generated per week in the long run. You will start feeling gold generation especially when you get your alts to 1430 and do Vykas, which isn’t that hard to do as long as your alts have enough leapstones (most expensive honing material). After you do that, then your goals will seem a lot more feasible in less time than they do now.

What does your roster look like right now? Because this seems wildly off. I only play the base 6 gold eligible characters and I generate between 70-80k gold a week between mats and weekly gold rewards.

Ignoring everything else like RNG drops, even 6x P3 argos alone is 16,200 gold a week and that’s assuming you don’t bus any of them (which unless your main is a 1475 support you should be able to bus at least one).

That brings you to ~22,200 gold per week from Argos Alone. That’s ignoring any 1415-1460 alts you might have which will increase your gold income further from 6x Vykas/Valtan clears of varying difficulty, and the raw mats from Deskaluda/Kunga.

Currently I’m generating about ~70-80k gold a week in raw gold + mats, ignoring RNG drop money across my 6 characters. That makes gearing a new 5x3 something in the range of a month tops, which is plenty enough time for Kuku launch.

If your gold generation isn’t very good, your priority is definitely getting more 4x3 raid ready alts before you worry about 5x3.

the nuances of your path will look different depending on how much time u want to spend (assuming f2p or not much swiping).

1475 - 1370 - 1340 - 1340

looks like u made a beeline to vykas hm and overhoned on your main for what your roster is capable of supporting long term. should have hard stopped at 1460 and showed ur alts some love. the only benefit at 1475 is the chaos dungeon. u dont even get more una gold tokens.

you need to ask urself the question of how dedicated you want to be. alot of my static and other dedicated folks right now have atleast a core 6 roster of 1400+. you are looking at minimum 3 to 4 hr / day of non-rested dailies alone. you will need to commit harder than this because folks with a fully fleshed out roster are going to start / already competing for those accessories and books.

if you cant / not willing to commit harder. you will need to curb your expectations. you dont need to do clown raid on release, it will be waiting for you so just enjoy the game at your own pace.

You may not make it to 5x3 by clown release even if u try hard, but it would be foolish to not bolster ur roster at the cost of rushing ur main. Accept this and get to work so u can be ready when brel raid releases.

priority #1 : you should also make friends with folks who are also at the same rate of progression. it wont matter what everyone else is doing as long as you are keeping up with your static. for example our static havent done valtan hm or vykas hm at release, we all tried to push at the same time to hit the hardmodes and helped the stragglers out. the grind becomes hell of alot easier with friends.

priority #2: no rest for you. do all dailies every day. leapstone unas on alts 1370+ and ur main. lopang unas on alts under 1370 until u hit 1370. dont buy leapstones, sell them.

now if you are determined there are some things you should work towards right away… get 2 more t3 alts asap to finish your core 6. knowledge transfer both of them to t1 and start including them in ur daily rotations. While this is happening, get both of your 1340 to 1370 to start farming leapstones from yoho. i think at this stage, u will most likely need to sell tradeable leapstones to upkeep gold until ur income goes higher.

For alts that are 1370, buy argos p3 bus and buy the box at the end. after finishing argos set, start dismantling the blood. its a great source of weekly leapstones.

it is my firm belief that once an alt reaches 1370, u should fix their engravings / stats and have atleast lvl5 gems on them. so try to fit this in too for long term payout. makes all content take less time and will pay off dividends over time.

priority #3; extend ur gold income. sell 1370 abyss carries on ur main and argos p3 (might need to have some friends to sell argos p3). assuming ur hands are just as good as ur gear (gear is important… but the number of whales ive seen with weak hands… lol).

sell lvl5 gems. do ur boss rush. run ur cube pray for good books to sell. do the capture events for more gems / relics to sell. adventure island everyday. etc. etc.

priority #4: get those 1370 → 1400 to run p3 argos. you should be able to get 1 alt from 1370->1400 / week by exhausting all resources. assuming u are building up bound leapstones. this is ur first big break into gold generation. at 1400 u can easily run 1370 dungeon even with trash pugs and with p3 u get a combined total of about 4k gold / week. this is huge! u want as many alts in 1400 asap. pushing to 1415 u lose the abyss gold so its not as much raw gold income, keep that in mind.

priority #5: for the 1400->1415 push. make sure u plan it so that u run the 1370 abyss dungeon before pushing to 1415 for the week so u can squeeze an extra 2k gold before you are locked out of the gold.

priority #6: while u are doing all that, farm masterpieces for the gold box rewards.

funny enough, in EUW even that doesnt help your 5x3 1x1 even if you wanted to spend 30k dollars in the game. Welcome to deadzone EUW

hah, gottem

welcome to an MMO where you are supposed to grind for your items and gear and not just one click and have it instantly. Keep at it and eventually you’ll get what you want!

It ain’t that bad, i bought class engraving in one week, in second week I bought keen blunt and in 3rd week I got my accessories. Boom 5x3 f2p in 3 weeks. The boost is VERY noticable and this will be my permanent setup for the foreseeable future until brelshaza ancient gear, by then I’ll have my 6 character roster setup with 5x3 as well. Alts gonna take less time since I’ll just use the keen blunt I bought for my main.

Don’t worry about 5x3, there will be a lot of ppl pugging with 4x3 at clown.

You should reach 1490~1505 with your main tho. Higher ilvl equals less oneshots, more damage and more chances to get into a party.

Getting my 5x3 didn’t take to long. I maxed out my class engraving (Surge) and another engraving I can share across multiple alts (not grudge). Cut a 7x7 stone and bought some mid-low quality accessories and managed to get a few for 2gold (since they put a 1 gold min bid). Took me all off 12k to get accessories. Selling my legendaries to make gold back. Then will slowly upgrade their quality in the future since I have time.

my 1460 + 5 1370’s generates 22-24k gold a week in raw gold. Two weeks thats 44-48k, i would need to sell everything else i got and even then i doubt id get the additional 100k in those two weeks unless i was the luckiest mf and got shit ton of grudge books dropped and sold those too. I want whatever cake you taking damn