5x3 master summoner for 50k?!?!

Ok so here’s how I built my 5x3 master summoner with high quality for less then 50k. We know the meta builds are spec swift hallucination or spec crit salvation ( both taking crit on shrudi) we also know the 4 engravings that are set in stone grudge keen master adren and for the 5th you either take hit master or cursed doll. Now Cursed doll is 15% dmg when paired with adren 3.

What if we took crit spec AND hallucination and took the 19% mov speed on shrudi and went raid cap? We’ll I did the math and when comparing to the meta swift spec hallucination you Gain 7% crit and 11% mov speed in place of 9%cooldown and 9% atck speed.

Now when playing with yearning and peyto wine maybe a rage proc or a wd or any mov speed buff you will get the full 18% of raid cap over a hit masters 16 or cursed dolls 15 AND even solo raid is a 11% engraving with shrudi and peyto wine.

In conclusion I bought 3x high qual spec 5x master 3 raid cap accessories. And used my 2x books for keen and grudge. So I will say I have the added advantage of already owning legendary keen and grudge and also have a 7-7 adren raid stone ( I Built communications first) but just wanted to pass along the info or to hear any criticism to this build. Take care.


Interesting way to work around. But i think the key in having swift is to lower cooldowns of skills to increase adrenaline uptime as well

So if we can continue the uptime then this might be a good way to do

Yeah I thought that too and in the summoner community guide ( and other guides ) there is one skill that changes on master summoner your options are the horses flash explosion or pauru with atck power buff. I take flash explosion with a rage rune. I just lvl it to 4 and have a max tripod for the meter gain and it’s cd is 5 sec with gem so can spam for adren uptime. The most popular choice is the horses but with my setup flash explosion spam with a rage rune works rly well. Also for braclet I went swift spec

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I tried the flash explosion but its gauge generation is horrible compared to the horse. So i decided to go back to the horses but have a bit of swift to compensate uptime

That is nice but you can’t show this to the braindead lobby owners who will click deny on you because you haven’t copypasted atk youtube vids in your build.

80% of lobby makers won’t know raid cap seems “ off meta” let’s be honest it’s not a sketchy engraving like awkaking or sprit absorption ect and unless they also have a char of same class don’t know if it works or not.