6 hour maintenance because....why?

There is no major updates, and this “maintenance” is 6 hours? lol

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i see that you are a server technician and know what he is speaking of. Otherwise you should know its not about a one on/off /restart switch.

next week’s update is looking good. Looks like EU will have a 6hr head start on Vykas.

4 + 1 = 6
3 x 4 = 16


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Takes time to do 2 minor fixes. chill

To be fair, Europe is mid-day. NA is still early morning. Makes sense to prioritize getting them online first

There is no way this isn’t a troll post.

It takes time to reboot all the servers to keep it from lag and any other potential problems.
Yes it does take time to do this. LOL.

The only real reason behind this imo is a bad deployment pipeline, spaghetti code and not trusting the update process.
In this day and age it shouldn’t really take 4+ hours to roll out server updates and handle reboots etc unless the tin there running on is garbage and half a decade old and even then it’s pushing it.
Doing maintenance for all NA/EU regions at one time is also kind of backwards, I would imagine it would be quicker to do them separately and would also impact the playerbase less as doing EU maintenance at the start of the EU day is quite impacting.