6 hours of server down time for 10 pheons? Really?

Come on man…
It’s only 10 pheons and you wasted 2 hours of everyone’s time.
Is it worth it to piss off everyone with a 2 hours server downtime for 10 pheons?
Are 2 hours of my time not worth your 10 pheons??? Really???
As if people are not pissed off enough at this point.

I don’t know why you guys are so good at coming up with new ideas to kill the game faster than to make it right.


10 pheons per character, so 60 for most, 120 for some and I believe 240 is the maximum that was possible but not many people have 24 characters, do they?

What were we expecting though, they have weekly rewards of 3 dye ingredients, but dying works in increments of 10, so you need 4 weekly rewards to dye once. Clearly the 10 pheons per character was a mistake, 1 would have been much more realistic.

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It’s pretty fucking idiotic that the constant disconnects are still happening (literally got an EAC DC yesterday in Vykas) and we get the typical “we’re working on it, stand by!” response. But we get some some extra pheons at a time when we’re quickly closing the gap on Korea’s BC price while making only a fraction of their weekly gold income (which is also their fault) and that constitutes an immediate, emergency 2 hour maintenance, stripping them from players.

Incredible. Absolutely incredible.


gonna be a feather and stronghold time reduction stuff and not pheons for sure

The real clown we are fighting is Amazon, this is true raid of how long they can torture you until you break down, but there is no health bar on the boss and no rewards either.


Hahaha I’m so happy you mentioned the dye rewards, because when I first saw them I thought it was 30 of them and was so happy since I dye a lot. I went to dye a new skin and saw 3… I loled at the cheapo attitude of Lost Ark. I don’t know who decides rewards and how they communicate between Smilegate and AGS but who thought that giving 3!!! was good enough. Not even 5 so you can dye 2 times at the end of 4 weeks. 3… so you get a random 2 dyes leftover for some reason.
This Pheon sht is crazy. Reminds me when they released the really good Punika Chest, people bought it. They removed it and never really spoke of it again. I think they re-added it back with less stuff in it and never really removed/addressed the additional stuff people got from it.
I think it will be the same now. Whoever spent their pheons will not go into negative. They will just remove the pheons from the people who didn’t

even if you have 24 characters.
what can 10 pheons per character do?
1 stone at most.
and how many stones do you need???

And if a player has 24 characters he must also have spend some good time and money on the game right?
They could give and take from there.
What is wrong with giving a bit more to people who spend more?

I know it’s not right to ask to keep what doesn’t belong to us initially.
Buf screwing up my daily schedule on a Monday due to their own mistake is just pathetic.
I wouldn’t mind if they do it on Wednesday on the scheduled server maintenance.
If that makes sense.


We need to extend the maintenance for all regions. We expect the servers to be back around 8 AM PT / 5 PM CET but we will let you know as soon as we have more information to share. Thank you for your patience.


and now we need to wait even longer than expected because of their own mistake?
I really had enough.

They really think we can just sit infront of our computer 24/7 and have nothing else to do.

10 Pheons for 2 hours or more server downtime. What the F are they thinking? Whoever made this decision has done F’d up!

that mfker should be FIRED!

5 hours.

Watch them compensate us for another 10 pheons

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4 hours and counting. They probably don’t know how to move forward after seeing the shit storm that is happening right now. Decision makers are so Clueless

ah AGS… a gift that just keeps on giving.

Maintenance that is when your bottom line is affected.

what a dogshit company smilegate xD

It’s the one who makes the decision is dog shit PERIOD.

Not only AGS, we need put our disappointments to SG too.

No. Free to play players can have about 90 characters.(little more on EUC, exactly that much on NAx, forgot which one was bigger NA region. Biggest whales could have 360 characters, but no one can create that much without automation(botting=cheating).

These 10 pheons per character are nothing to compared to other free pheons we get fairly regularly.

It’s also very nothing compared to what someone can farm in gold value with 24 characters.

Most important thing about pheons, is to use them wisely. A lot of people don’t.

2 hours