6. Recommendations for a great in-game experience and happy life :)

  1. Stop bitching on forums about literally everything - from Guardian Raids, to honing success chances.
  2. Don’t rush the game. It means norhing in the long run. You better realise that now, or burnout later and quit the game, because of false expectations.
  3. Don’t spend real money to buy mats in T1-T2, and even now in T3. It means nothing before Legion Raids come out. (Legion Raids have lower success chances than regular T3s)
  4. Even when Legion Raids come out, you don’t need to spend real money to catch up. Devs will make sure all players do end-content, be sure of that.
  5. How to catch up with p2w players, without putting real money for mats:
  • Dailies: x3 Una, x2 Guardians, x2 Chaos Dungeons, x1 Chaos Gate, x1 World Boss, x2 Adventure Islands
  • Weekly: Una, Ghost Ship, All 3 types of mats exchange.
  1. Do your alts.


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Can I ask if there’s certain world bosses I should be focusing on? Right now I’ve just been doing ones I need for adventure tome, but I assume there’s legit raid bosses out there

The max level your gear lvl allows. This is also applicable for all other content you do. Apart from adventure tomes ofc.

Ahh sorry if I was unclear, I meant what bosses are there other than the adventure tome ones. Are they hiding on islands or something?

What is the matts exchange