6+ Roster Gangs, show me your rosters. 20 items listed per day?

Obviously it will not slap everyone but this change can really hurt a part of players, especially who are playing many characters. Respectfully, for players who are not affected by this please understand that both you and me are players, you are not affected by this doesn’t mean we are not too, we complain because this hurt us, simply. We pay not only money but time, which you can see from the picture, and we believe we have the right to talk about our problems.

We play a lot of alts because this game drives us that way. At the beginning we can play many accounts like playing other MMORPG, but it’s not how the game was designed. Remember when Asmongold asked WHY DO WE HAVE TO PLAY MANY ALTS when Argos was just released, everyone said that it’s how the game is, that’s how we play this game efficiently.

Now we have grinded like how you guys (who make the game) want, and you guys just make a strong impact on regular players like me. Can you say that I am just ‘a clown’ and cry when I grind that much?

I post about 40 items per DAY, including gems, stones, accessories, skins, fishes, engravings, tripods, mats,… AND this doesn’t mean everything I posted will be sold. I HAVE TO POST THEM AGAIN DAY BY DAY. Did you guys consider that? If I get more stuff then they have to wait to be posted?

Fighting against bots is a responsibility not only of AGS but also players. Unless new changes can not be leaked, please make communication and discussions with players before making some impacts. I hope to see the day when AGS can beat the bots, but in a way that doesn’t hurt players.


you’re telling me with your 8 man roster, ur selling 40 items per day?

did it ever occure to you that if you didnt sell something for 2 months it means nobody needs it?

Although re post it 1 or 2 days is just a normal thing. Especially lv 8-9-10 gems. I am rerolling and gambling gems and sell em. a lv10 gem take about a week to sell. You won’t cut 10% of a lv10 price to sell it, right? Acessories too, negative stats make it not sold imediately. Other things too.

ah, so you’re actually playing the market prices, yeah… dont make it sound like you’re grinding and you’re making 40 items per day from ur roster… Just say : i’m an AH dweller and this will affect my trading. There is a difference.

how can I play it? tell me. stop trying to accuse me.

So what if he’s a money marker from the market itself? How does that invalidate his point?

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It just feels like the players that are for this change don’t seem to understand why this is bad and since the change doesn’t affect most of them, they aren’t even gonna try to understand it lol.

It’s not like people want bots to go rampant… this change just isn’t the right way to do it.



read my posts.

?? stop it man. Respectfully you try to change people things without reasonable points. I sell what i can sell and I already PAY my luck for that. I do not change price of any thing. If you mean I have to sell my stuffs more cheaper to make it sold, especially lost 50k -100k gold for it. I don’t make any stuffs from ‘illegal’ ways like bots. And I won’t reply to you man, you are not discussing but you want to dominate the conversation.

149h/per two weeks ~10h/day average check
3300h playtime check
9++ characters check

Man, they are doing you a favor.

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you posted that you’re grinding with 8 chars and this makes you sell 40+ items, after i told you that is basically impossible, unless you’re selling crap you said that you’re actually buying and selling gems from the auction house. I didnt say it was good or bad or unfair… i just said you’re not selling 40+ items a day by grinding with 8 chars…

Thanks, i really love playing this game.

I have 8 chars and usually my main 6 have anywhere between 5-10 items listed that if not sold i lower price and place in market for another 3 day, this will hurt my income a lot, pretty much i will have to only start selling bis and close to bis items only, so probably like 20k less gold every week or so, its just another of those awfull fixes that hurt the playerbase aswell. Btw i dont play the market at all, just drops from daily and legion raids.


Without the rosters, I just have 3 gems on my AH. Lul If I could have 20 lv10 gems I don’t even care any change in this game, because I was rich. And those item stack day by day, that’s how it’s possible.

yes but u’r not grinding them… do you get it? ur not litterally getting 40+ items good enough to sell each day by grinding… you’re either reposting old items or buying and reselling, you might get from actual instance runs 8-9 per day if u r extremely lucky, there is a difference.

I see it in the same way.
I dont bus, and and i dont flip the market.

But yes i am → listing ← more than 20 Items each day with my Account.
I dont find 20 Items each day, and i also dont Sell them each day. But i list them to get a chance of selling them.
you bid on a Book, you find some stones, you find some low / mid accs, you sell your tradeable items from CD. you craft some Mats (Fusionstones, Pots, Granades) And yes some of us are doing this on all of their chars.
And wow Imagine the need of this stuff will be high on a new Raid. (what a suprise).

And please dont have now an idea → you can collect all together on 1 char and sell it there…
Cant be real to have limits like that because they dont get their work done in fighting bots.

If we want to limit something ok. Then do it with roster level.
So you start at 10 and it will get higher and higher with this. Maybe this would be a way to handle things like this.


Post emmm, i said I POST em. Not get em. DESPAIR. stop. hh hh hh. Read other people cmt, you will get it.

There is solution by limit base on roster level . limit posted items = 10 * (each 10 roster level over 100).

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cant please everyone + you didnt cross out your name properly