60 Second Announcement before Maintenance

Was running Valtan and about the clear when you guys suprise 60seconds announcement before maintenance. then when i logged in. says weekly entry count exceeded.

IGN : Shannx
Server : Azena

Hello @shannx99! I hope you are well.

I understand how frustrating this is, in this case, we don’t have a way to re-grant daily or weekly entries to content manually, we have a system that takes care of this type of situations in order to provide the ticket back in very specific scenarios, we can’t guarantee that you will be receiving a ticket, I apologize for the inconvenience. Here’s a post that explains better how this system works.

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Very specific scenario? how about let us know in advance that you guys are gonna do a maintenancce prior. rather than giving us 60 seconds before… ofc some people would vote no because not everyone know their entry gonna be f up for the week. or just give us the Valtan Mats for the week.


Next time you try to do Valtan , I would like to provide some recommendations.

At the bottom below the chat box you should be able to see when the server goes into maintenance before it actual shuts down.


Also, we can check :


where we can see news of maintenance. I really hope this helps.

Yes i know this part. bcos maintenance happen alot in this game and especially yesterday because of the crystaline bug and log in queue times, so i was even tracking it ,that maybe you guys are gonna do a maintenance. but in my scenario… nothing shows. nothing in my bottom left that show anything about maintenance. until 60 seconds before. infact i even look if there is notice box about maintenance before i start Valtan. but theres NOTHING.

i been playing this game since launch. and im really frustrated right now.

i didnt recieve any in game notice about maintenance,

also not everyone look at forums all the time. until they have issue to the game.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Ummm… you guys have us 60 seconds notification of maintenance. Yea, we know how regular maintenance works but there was no way to even get out of the raid in time. We were in the middle of a boss fight then all of a sudden a red countdown occurs. Please don’t try and say you all “can’t give us tickets manually” - figure out a way. How did you get people their tickets back before this new and also not working method come into being?

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exactly the point. and in my end, we even started voting to end it but you know other people wouldnt say Yes because they dont know this gonna happen. and now wasted a week

Apology accepted, but that doesnt solve my issue or people who has the same issue like me. i myself lost a week worth of waiting for a Mats. i stand with all the people whos gonna recieve their Relic Gear one week late just because you guys “Cant do it Manually” and didnt not give us advance maintenance notice.

Thank you so much for accepting the apologies and also for your patience expressing about all of this.

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its almost 3 days and still no Valtan re enter ticket. there alot of people complaining about that server maintenance that happen that night bcos now we cant re enter and still no action from you guys. New World died so fast and Lost Ark is slowly dying bcos you guys dont listen to the community and because of how bad you guys handle the game. like CMon guys… as much as i love playing this game. if you guys cant even help us right now. its hard to believe that u guys gonna help us with bigger issues. i would never ever trust or give any amazon games chance in the future. wasted 600+.

There will be a re-entry ticket in your mailbox IF the disconnection is from server side.

I think the emergency maintenence wes done by your personal computer to fix the game bugs.

U r that guy with the same issue as me…

I think they still need more time to verify if that maintenance was “their side”…. Facepalm…